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FCR System, Enabling Color Without Limits

FCR is a massive innovation in a long-stagnant area of motion imaging: the means to reproduce and manipulate the full depth and breadth of visible color.”

— Cullen Kelly Colorist/Image Scientist

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 25, 2022 / — 6P Color, an innovative image processing company with expertise on human visual perception, will demonstrate a multi-primary display that far exceeds the color gamut of any existing digital display during this year’s SMPTE Media and Technology Summit. The display is powered by 6P Color’s patented Full Color Range (FCR) system.

FCR is an end-to-end color system that starts with the RAW data captured by the camera imager, created electronically (e.g., animations, visual effects, game engines), or scanned (e.g., film). The system then processes and transports additional captured or created colors to displays using existing tools, formats, and standards. For the first time, the FCR system will enable consumers to see near-full spectrum color on a digital display, and experience color without limits.

6P Color, aligned with Researchers at Baylor University, developed the FCR System using innovative encoding and mapping methods, leveraging a Multi-Primary Display and colorimetric approach. A colorimetric approach, commonly used in digital cinema, means that color accuracy and creative intent is assured from original capture, through the data pipeline, and finally to the viewer’s eyes.

The FCR methods and algorithms also leverage industry standards, such as ACES. Thus, the FCR system solution is compatible with all existing workflow tools. Upgrades to existing displays to support the FCR can also greatly enhance the visual experience.

FCR industry demonstrations of both Projection and dvLED Displays are in full deployment. The color primaries being used in 6P’s multi-primary demonstration at SMPTE are well beyond the standard Red, Green and Blue, with the addition of a fully saturated Cyan primary.

When using more primaries, FCR can show a full color gamut volume not reproducible in any existing RGB system. Standard RGB P3 displays support only 45 percent of the normal Human Visual Perception of color. By contrast, 6P Color’sFCR RGB+Cyan display shows approximately 75 percent of the colors humans can see.

With the FCR system Creatives, Colorists, and Consumers can witness a significantly enhanced viewership experience: increased attention, greater sense of presence, intensified engagement, more complete suspension of disbelief all result in a heightened emotional message.

“FCR is a massive innovation in a long-stagnant area of motion imaging: the means to reproduce and manipulate the full depth and breadth of visible color. Far from a gimmick or add-on, FCR removes an encumbrance as old as cinema: the burden of representing the entire visible spectrum with only three colors. The creative benefit of FCR to colorists and their collaborators is immediate and intuitive, providing richer color contrast, more nuanced memory colors, and the means to push a grade further than ever before..”

The 6P Color dvLED demonstration is located in the SMPTE Exhibits, Booth #314
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