The Magic Stones

Randi McKinnon shares a tale about a mysterious cave no one has ever found.

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2022 / — Nothing beats a good ol’ children’s book that’ll make anybody’s mind wander in an adventure! Author Randi McKinnon shares the story of two friends in her book, The Magic Stones!

Childhood friends Molly and Pete set out to find what their fathers had often talked about but had never been able to locate—a mysterious cave out in the woods. All of a sudden, they found the cave and even made their way to a second one and discovered a dark pond with huge flowers that appeared to sparkle and shimmer. They even saw small sleeping fairies in some of the flowers too! One of the fairies approached them and told them a story about how they arrived there. While sharing the story, the fairy weeps and her tears transform into pebbles and precious stones.

Molly and Pete ask the fairy if they could bring the precious stones home, and with no hesitation, the fairy allows them. They hurried home and went to a jeweler to appraise the stones. To their surprise, the precious magic stones were of high-grade quality and they were able to sell the stones for a good deal that they shared with their family.

But they received another piece of news on their way home. From here, readers are in for a treat as they navigate through this fascinating tale that Randi McKinnon generously tells. The Magic Stones is an amazing book to tuck the young ones into bed.

Randi McKinnon immigrated to the US from Norway in 1959. While growing up with her grandparents, who told her tales of fairies and trolls, she found solace in these tales that she is now sharing through her books.

Her love for writing led her to enroll in a correspondence course in Children’s Lit writing at the Institute of Children’s Literature after retiring from the food and hospitality industries.

To know more about this awesome children’s book author, visit her website at or grab a copy of The Magic Stones on Amazon!

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