AweXs LLC, a leading wholesale supplier of yoga mats online, is donating 15% of sales to veterans’ children’s services.

CARLSBAD, CA, USA, October 19, 2022 / — Buying Yoga Mats From AweXs LLC Supports Veterans Children’s Services Until Veterans Day

AweXs LLC, a leading wholesale supplier of yoga mats online, is donating 15% of sales to veterans’ children’s services between now and Veterans Day on 11th November 2022.

The company, run by a disabled US veteran, is committed to providing high-quality yoga mats for schools, community groups, yoga teachers, and sports facilities at affordable prices. A full range of color choices is available online, with wholesale prices starting from $99.97 in the sale for a set of twelve mats.

L.C. Dawson, AweXs LLC founder, says, “As a disabled US veteran, I understand some of the challenges children in service families face. From stress and uncertainty when a parent is deployed to living with bereavement and loss.

“That’s why AweXs LLs is donating 15% of all sales of yoga mats to veterans’ children’s services between now and Veterans Day.

“I discovered yoga during my rehabilitation. I learned how it could calm my mind, improve my mental well-being, and benefit me physically too.

“You have not lost until you quit. I have always said this, but now I know the different variations of this out there now. By supporting veterans’ children’s services I want to help young people understand that message and help them continue their fight through the toughest times.”
Affordable Yoga Mats to Help You Join the Growing Yoga Trend

The mental and physical health benefits of yoga are becoming more widely recognized, and regular yoga practice is becoming an important part of school and community sports sessions. So much so in 2021, the state of Alabama lifted a thirty-year ban on yoga teaching in its public schools.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends yoga to reduce stress and increase the ability to remember things clearly.
Wholesale Yoga Mats Supporting Children’s Mental Health
The 15% donation from AweXs LLC will be helping children in military families navigate stressful and challenging circumstances, including parental deployment, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and frequent relocations. Around one in four children in military families suffer from symptoms of depression, and one in five struggle with academics at school.

Veteran’s children’s services aim to support children suffering from extremely high levels of psychological stress, offering access to effective treatments and counselling and helping them overcome the mental barriers preventing them from reaching their potential.

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AweXs LLC is an online business selling wholesale yoga mats for schools, community groups, sports facilities, and more at affordable prices. High-quality yoga mats are available in bulk packs of twelve or ninety-six. The company is run by L.C. Dawson, a disabled US veteran who discovered the physical and mental benefits of yoga during their rehabilitation process. For more information visit:

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