The 12-Episode podcast “Major League Stripper” is available now, free of charge.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2023 / — Bob Brill, internationally renowned film producer and award-winning author, releases his highly revered podcast, “Major League Stripper,” and website, which focuses on “re-imagining” the life of Patti Waggin, a burlesque queen who married famed major league pitcher Don Rudolph. The podcast, along with the website, is available now on YouTube and all other channels where podcasts are available. There is no cost to listen to the 12-episode podcast. On the website, “readers will learn how they can purchase limited edition NFTs,” said Brill.

“It’s based on my screenplay ‘Major League Stripper,’ which is ‘inspired’ by my book ‘Fan Letters to a Stripper; A Patti Waggin Tale.’ Schiffer books 2009,” says Brill.

The podcast focuses on re-imagining the life of Waggin, who was born in 1926 and danced in the 1950s and 60s. She married Rudolph, and together, they pioneered the civil rights movement and “fought for the rights of people in their professions who were unjustly treated,” says Brill. This enduring tale is about finding true love, battling for justice, pursuing aspirations, and everything in between. According to Brill, the plot was somewhat exaggerated, but that does not diminish the story’s genuineness. “As with any good Hollywood story, there is a degree of embellishment and dramatic license,” adds Brill. He says since he bought his first pack of baseball cards and saw Rudolph’s card had a picture of his wife dancing on the back, he had been thinking of reciting the tale of Waggin.

“I’ve had this story in my hip pocket since 1959 when I opened my first pack of baseball cards, and the Don Rudolph card pictured a cartoon on the back of Don’s wife dancing on a table. The caption read, ‘Don’s wife is a professional dancer.’ She was actually one of the highest-paid burlesque queens in the country. She made a lot more than him,” says Brill.

The captivating podcast introduces new material to viewers. The podcast is regarded as “dramatic” and is more than just a straightforward documentary or narrative because it has dozens of actors in numerous roles. To give the narrative a special touch, original soundtracks were produced, explains Brill.

“It features 25 actors in a variety of roles, two original songs (sung by lead actress Hannah Z. Cooney) and written by Bob Brill (lyrics) and Dan Taguchi (music), two long-time friends from Sylmar High School. There are around 1000 pieces of sound, from music clips to sound effects to voice work. Recorded at Benztown Studios in Glendale, CA, it is a labor of love,” informs Brill.

To learn more about Bob Brill or his podcast, visit his website A full-length audio broadcast is also available; click here for more information.

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