The Social Good Magazine Volume 2 is available in print and digital on Amazon.  Picture at the VA Hospital in West Los Angeles. Kristen Thomasino art collection display for KT's Casebooks shared during the 'Love Challenge of 2022.The Ukraine Russia Peace Campaign with Miss Ukraine, Olga Rechdouni for Social Good. Pictured Kristen Thomasino, Creator of Thomasino Media LLC holding

The Ukraine Russia Peace Campaign with Miss Ukraine, Olga Rechdouni for Social Good.

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Introducing the first ever Miss Ukraine, Olga Rechdouni, Learn about her story and her call for Global Peace in The Social Good Magazine Volume 2

Introducing the first ever Miss Ukraine, Olga Rechdouni, Learn about her story and her call for Global Peace in The Social Good Magazine Volume 2

Featuring in

Featuring in “The Social Good Magazine Volume 2” Miss Ukraine, Olga Rechdouni, creator of “Why Oh Why” Raffles van Exel, Real Estate Genius Rose Garcia, Economist Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, Mike Howren, Army Veteran Kristal Kent, Marie Y. Lemelle, Leslie Ortiz

Global Humanitarians, Veterans, Entertainers, Real Estate Visionaries, Economists, Wellness Professionals & Community Stewards focused on Social Good Unite.

I am proud of the social good warriors here at ‘The Social Good Magazine’ for coming together during this time of conflict to make a positive difference in our community by sharing lessons of success.”

— Kristen Thomasino

SAN PEDRO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2023 / — Los Angeles-based Data Scientist Kristen Thomasino recently released ‘The Social Good Magazine Volume 2’ to respond to the Ukraine-Russia War and call for a new Global Think Tank to assemble to find new paths to create peace and prosperity. This magazine is designed to highlight the importance of global trade and aid in finding a peaceful resolution to the war. It also provides paths for increased economic development, opportunities for diverse revenue creation, assistance for veterans in communities, improving the supply chain, and programs to assist mayors, governors, and the President of the United States.

Thomasino said, “Joining forces with global economists like Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, global publicists like Marie Y. Lemelle, MBA, veterans, entertainers, real estate visionaries, humanitarians, wellness professionals, and community stewards like Army Veteran Kristal Kent focused on social good, “The Social Good Magazine” is uniting around their support of the first ever Miss Ukraine, Olga Rechdouni, and Ukraine’s people. This Ukraine community continues to be impacted by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. As the granddaughter of a D-Day 5 World War II Army Veteran, I prioritize amplifying Miss Ukraine’s request for global support to help end the war and find peace for all.”

Thomasino created this volume of the magazine as a response to the Ukraine-Russia War, current events in the United States related to civil unrest, the challenges we face in our communities with a high number of chronically ill, newly identified opportunities to create positive outcomes, and to start a movement for social good.

Thomasino shared, “This unity among diverse humanitarians has been met with great enthusiasm, and as we share the word about the positive outcomes that can be created, we build each week with more supporters for the cause of social good. No one wants anyone on either side to suffer. We want the conflict to end. I am proud of the social good warriors here at ‘The Social Good Magazine’ for coming together during this time of conflict to make a positive difference in our community by sharing lessons of success.” However, she added that much work still needs to be done and hopes their efforts will inspire others worldwide who want to positively impact their local communities.

Thomasino was excited to feature Raffles van Exel’s team from Artists for Global Unity. “We look for people like Raffles van Exel to feature who are living their truth and making an impact with others where they can create positive outcomes. In a world full of strife, one man uses his musical genius and connections to try and make a difference.”

“Music is a universal language, and people can listen and relate to positive lyrics in the music. I hope we can make a difference with ‘Why Oh Why.’ I can’t change the world myself. If we change one person, city, village, state, country, and world, I’ve done my job.“–van Exel, a global philanthropist and entertainment powerhouse. “This new inspiring song was created to move the world to action for peace.”

It includes today’s most talented artists, like CeeLo Green, French Montana, Fantasia Barrino, Kenny Lattimore, and Emily Estefan. Plus, 80 children from various communities participated in its creation, including Hollywood legends Narada Michael Walden and Emilio Estefan. The proceeds from the song go to charities like Musicares, Doctors without Borders, Save the Children, The Ronald McDonald House, and others. They even participated with Kiss FM and IHeart Media for the iconic annual Jingle Ball event. “Why Oh Why” has been a #1 hit on the College Charts and ranked on the Top 30 Billboard. It’s climbed to #1 in the Digital Radio Tracker Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart.

The Social Good Magazine is leading with support from many sectors- entertainment, real estate, economics, wellness professionals, professional services, technology, and more -focused on social good. Thomasino continued, “We encourage everyone who wants to help support Miss Ukraine in solidarity and contribute to creating peace in this region for Ukrainians and Russians. Over the past few months, we have worked tirelessly to create a platform highlighting important issues while showcasing stories of people doing great work to stabilize our communities.”

The Social Good Magazine brings together stories from individuals committed to making a difference in their communities. From inspiring success stories like Entrepreneur Rose Garcia, star of “The Real L Word,” who is working with local residential real estate buyers and sellers to help them succeed, to humanitarian efforts such as Real Estate Visionary Dr. E. Lance McCarthy’s and the “Soldiers of America’s” mission to provide housing solutions for homeless veterans; this magazine covers it all!

Thomasino found others passionate about being community stewards all over California and beyond. The Social Good Magazine Volume 2 features stories about community stewardship and the importance of nightlife tourism. This issue includes interviews with stylists like Iranian-born Noorieh Daili, local artists, club promoters, event producers, and DJs, enabling self-expression and free speech. Community stewards and entertainers like Rose Garcia, DJ Les Ortiz, Charlotte from Honey Burlesque, DJ Femme A, Hawtmess Productions creators DJ Goodboy Morgan and Jess Weiner, Preciosa Nights creators Eden and Jay, and Brian Sonia-Wallace and Nate Lovell from Micky’s Mic. These stewards are creating remarkable experiences for tourism. These stewards create exceptional tourist experiences that help boost the economy and support local businesses.

The magazine also features thought leaders discussing how global trade can benefit everyone involved and includes time networking at the local Chamber of Commerce with Marie Y. Lemelle, Metrisa Rene, Nicolette Jackson-Pownall, and Mike Howren about the new opportunities that we can create. In addition, Marie Y. Lemelle is honored by Hollywood’s Cultural Inclusion Foundation as a Woman Making a Difference. On March 3 at the W Hotel – Hollywood, the Cultural Inclusion Foundation Presents Culturally Diverse Women Making a Difference Awards Dinner to Honor 40 Women in Celebration of International Women’s Month and Benefit NAMI Urban LA. The award dinner’s theme Celebrating Culturally Diverse Women “Making a Difference,“ highlights the importance of embracing cultural diversity and supporting women empowerment. Provided by Platinum Star Media Group, NAMI Urban Los Angeles (NULA) was founded in 2003. It is the urban affiliate of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to educating, advocating, supporting, and building better lives for the millions of individuals & families affected by mental illness.

The Social Good Magazine also includes interviews with entertainers about their philanthropic projects. Plus, top lessons from Thomasino’s advocacy buddies about how we can cultivate self-love by learnings from great teachers such as Sifu Ryan Scott from The School of Martial Arts-West LA, Kristal Kent from Veteran Voices for Fibromyalgia, & Mari Gonzalez from Lupus Spoons. Thomasino Media carefully crafted each piece to bring readers informative content that will help foster understanding and appreciation for all cultures around us.

Community stewardship topics such as veterans’ homelessness and economic development are areas we should regularly examine to see where we can improve annually. Thomasino shared, “Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, the economic advisor for Soldiers of America and The George Floyd Memorial Foundation, has a powerful message about how we can impact our communities by inspiring social good for the unhoused population in Los Angeles. He has plans to help mayor Karen Bass by executing strategies that lead to success in utilizing containers to create new affordable homes. He also discusses fostering pride through real estate, technology, entertainment, the arts, and job creation. By replicating these models globally, we can improve lives around the world. This issue also includes interviews with veterans, like Army veteran Kristal Kent from Ohio, Army veteran Norman Lawler, Marine veteran Brian Alvarado, Army veteran Brandi Anderson, Army veteran Jessica Miles, Army veteran Magda Ballestero Mayo, Army veteran Robert Reynolds, Marine veteran Ezequiel De Anda, five-time Purple Heart Army veteran of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Andrew Shelton, Oath the Country Foundation founder Dr. Justin Gracieux, who have made an impact in their communities, and specifically for some at the VA Hospital of West Los Angeles, as well as insights about mental health, nutrition, and housing. The Social Good Magazine is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to learn more about how they can make a difference in their community. It offers readers unique perspectives on current events while highlighting inspiring stories of people making an impact—allowing readers everywhere access to what it means to be socially conscious today.”

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