A picture of multiple pills spilled over from an Rx bottle on a table.

A picture of multiple pills spilled over from an Rx bottle on a table.

Dr. James Murtagh has fully committed to the importance of medical ethics in 2023.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. James Murtagh has fully committed to the importance of medical ethics in 2023. As there is a lot of evolution with tech-integrated healthcare, he believes that top medical professionals shouldn’t ignore morality and ethics along the way.

Technological advances can bring a lot of positives to any industry. Without technology, healthcare couldn’t help millions of people efficiently.

Dr. Murtagh embraces technology and will continue to do so, but he firmly believes in proper healthcare morality. He stays committed to the same ethics that’s allowed him to build a long career.

Advancements in technology can lead to faster results, which can encourage some to look for ways to cut costs and not be as thorough with patients. It can also lead to price gouging situations, where medical professionals are charging much more for services than what they cost with new technology available.

Murtagh hopes to see peers sticking to healthcare morality instead of taking advantage of people dealing with conditions and diseases. In his specialties of pulmonary care and sleep disorders, new solutions for health issues come out all the time.

Properly looking into how it helps and what it can potentially do to affect patients always matters to Dr. James Murtagh negatively.

Focusing on medical ethics is familiar to Dr. Murtagh. He has focused on quality research in his specialized field. He served as a staff scientist for the US Department of Health and Human Services Research Agency and, more recently, as a medical researcher in Atlanta. His research has led to many writing opportunities to provide valuable information to other doctors.

Since graduating from medical school over 40 years ago, Dr. James Murtagh has experienced many medical changes. Keeping up with it is a tall task for any medical professional, but he has always been about doing things the right way.

It’s a big reason he is such a trusted name in his field. Instead of taking a new approach that has been approved or could potentially lead to more problems, he sticks with what he knows in pulmonary care and sleep disorders. The speed of clinical testing and approvals means Dr. Murtagh can buy into specific solutions in a matter of months if he believes it has the best possible outcome for his patients.

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Who is Dr. James Murtagh?

Dr. Murtagh is a pulmonary, critical care, sleep, and ER medical doctor. He’s practiced medicine for over 40 years, spending time on medical research and ethical studies. More recently, he committed to seeing 100% Covid patients during the height of the pandemic.

In his spare time, Dr. James Murtagh posts movie reviews and other opinion-based columns. Writing continues to be a passion during and away from work.

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