Emilia Vaughn – Photo By: Chlo Subia for OC Hit

Emilia Vaughn – Photo By: Dani Thompson @danithompsonmusic – Sunflower necklace by: Heebee Geebs

Emilia Vaughn – “French Film” Photo By: Chlo Subia for OC Hit

Today, Emilia Vaughn warmed up the indie pop playlists with the release of her new fall single “French Film;” now available on all digital platforms.

I wanted people to have something to connect with when they are going through painful moments in their lives, and I hope this song helps people accept and cope with loss.”

— Emilia Vaughn

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Emilia Vaughn gave fans just enough time to catch their breath after the release of her debut EP, “Eighteen,” earlier this summer before releasing another new-sounding single. The next chapter to Emilia’s story continues this fall with the release of her latest single “French Film,” which was announced in September during her interview “On Air with Mario Lopez.”

With two successful singles and a five song EP under her belt since her public introduction to the music industry in January of 2022, Vaughn’s quickly expanding footprints have led her onto the “What’s In-Store” chart on “All Access,” where she is currently holding strong at #47 for in-store play in the USA, and sharing one of the top 50 seats with artists such as: Sofia Carson, Train, Gavin Degraw, and the Goo Goo Dolls. In September, the music video for Emilia’s single “Sunflower” was added to the video lineups on Nick Music, Loop TV, MTV’s Spankin’ New, and featured on AXS TV’s Music High 5. With a growing fanbase of listeners who deeply resonate with Emilia’s personal music, lyrics, and mission, her newest single “French Film” is sure to see impact in the coming weeks.

The song was written by Emilia Vaughn, with lyrical assistance from Chlo Subia, produced by Thomas Barsoe and Robbie Dean, and mastered by Daniel Martz for OC Hit. Album artwork for “French Film” was photographed and produced by Chlo Subia, with production, distribution, marketing and creative support by Dani Thompson, Lauren Halferty, and Anika Perera for DNT Entertainment.

“French Film” is a melancholic alternative pop ballad driven by a sincere, yet powerful, electric guitar intro, with a building chorus that knocks you off your feet, makes you want to sway along, and then surprises you at the end with a stylistic twist. The lyrics take you through the emotions following a heartbreaking loss of love. Vaughn’s heartfelt vocals and performance are powerful and empathetic. The song is wrapped up with vivid literal imagery, telling a story much like a film, and anyone who has grieved the loss of an important relationship will surely relate.

As Emilia explains, “ ‘French Film’ tells the story of a close friend of mine who painfully lost so much love in her life all at once – not only boys who treated her poorly, but also the death of a treasured family member. The emotional ballad is almost a cry for help from those who experience similar heartbreak and loss. I wanted people to have something to connect with when they are going through painful moments in their lives, and I hope this song helps people accept and cope with loss.” – Emilia Vaughn

“French Film” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. To learn more about Emilia Vaughn, please visit www.emiliavaughn.com and visit her social profiles below.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4VgJ0UD0zECXTaxPsEpbwk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emiliavaughn/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLQifXOrZdhGCy3rjDfXI_g

More about Emilia Vaughn

Emilia Vaughn is an American alternative pop singer-songwriter from San Diego, California. In December of 2021, she launched her own independent label “Emilia Vaughn Entertainment and Media Group” with the support of artist development partners Thomas Barsoe for OC Hit and Dani Thompson for DNT Entertainment. She is driven to reduce the stigma associated with mental health through her music by creating a community of confident, loving, and open minded individuals.

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Emilia Vaughn – “French Film” (Live Performance Video)