car seat cushion

car seat cushion

Wheel Chair Cushions

Wheel Chair Cushions

Features the state-of-the-art LiquiCell technology, which is based on thin water-filled membranes that support your sit bones.

Ergo21 announced its Original Seat Cushion range for cars, which is efficient and cost-effective. Featuring durable micro-stretch fabric, these cushions help improve blood circulation and flow by 150%”

— Steve Gambhir

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023 / — The USA-based company Ergo21 recently announced its original seat cushion product range, which is designed keeping in mind their compatibility with the leading brands of the automobile industry. According to a report, 229 million people travel for business annually in the USA. Data reflects that 8% of adults suffer from chronic back pain. The rising incidents of chronic back pain among adults created an urgent need for a lumbar back support cushion, which is versatile, portable and highly efficient. Introducing the new idea behind their seat cushions for SUVs, Mr. Steve Gambhir, President and Product Designer, Ergo21 comfort seat cushion said, “As a trustworthy name in the industry, we always try to reinvent our products with the changing needs of people. While we have an enormous product range when it comes to lumbar support cushions, we are still keeping a tab on the issues and requirements of people who spend hours traveling every day to school, office, or college. Tapping the potential of the market, we made sure that our ergonomically designed cushions are the best travel cushions.” He added, “Our seat cushions for cars feature technologically advanced LiquiCell technology that alleviates back pain by distributing the pressure evenly, thus, reducing excessive vertical pressure, which causes numbness, fidgeting, and tailburn.”

The Ergo21 Original seat cushions are versatile and can be used in cars, recliners, office chairs, sofas, restaurants, planes, concerts, etc. Throwing light on the product, Mr. Gambhir said, “Ergo21 cushions are compatible with BMW, Toyota, Honda, & Mercedes seats. These seat cushions for trucks are lightweight and easy to carry. Even if you are traveling by train or plane, you can use them! What sets them apart from other products in the market is the robust construction, advanced technology, and versatility!” Ergo 21 product range includes wheelchair cushions, lumbar cushions, sports cushions, coccyx cushions, original cushions, travel cushions, and bicycle cushions. Talking about their product range, Mr. Steve Gambhir, said, “We aim to come up with innovative and practical solutions to counteract chronic lumbar back pain through affordable cushions, which can be used anywhere and everywhere!”

The company’s extensive lumbar support cushion range is designed to offer relief from different issues, such as lower back pain, groin pain, back injuries, hip pain, coccydynia, buttock pain, compressed discs, sciatica, degenerated discs, and fidgeting. The Original Seat Cushions for Cars are available in two sizes – Regular Size (18” x 17” x 2”) with a weight of 2.00 lbs. It is recommended for people weighing up to 185 or 195 lbs. The Regular Size– one inch thicker (18″ x 17″ x 3″) with a weight of 2.00 lbs. It has an additional layering of memory foam for extra cushioning. The Large Size (19.5″ x 19″ x 2.5″) with a weight of 2.5 lbs. It is recommended for people weighing up to 200 lbs.+ or need extra support. Mr. Gambir added, “Our experienced team of professionals makes sure that we offer different sizes to suit every requirement. These seat cushions for SUV are multipurpose and functional. The cushions feature an easy to carry handle and micro stretch fabric, which eliminates shear stress on the tissues and adds comfort while sitting.”

These original car seat cushions are a step ahead of gel and memory foam cushions as they are low in maintenance and are multipurpose.
Throwing light on the future plans of the company, he added, “Innovation is the driving force of our company. With every product, we try to recreate the same levels of comfort and support for our customers. We are planning to venture into different areas including bicycle cushioning and yoga & meditation cushions, which are slowly gaining popularity due to people’s interest in maintaining an active lifestyle. You can expect the same quality with better performance.”

About LiquiCell Technology
The technology uses a combination of low-viscosity fluids, which are strategically placed on pressure points. The flow of the liquid controls the soft tissue compression and reduces the shear stress and skin friction. This reduces the perpendicular pressure and offers support to your sit bones. The Ergo21 Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion features four hand-stitched water membranes, which makes sitting comfortable for hours as it lets your body glide by reducing friction. Every LiquiCell pad is lightweight, pliable, and contains urethane membranes sealed in low-viscosity liquid. These membranes distribute the pressure and make it easy to sit for a prolonged period of time. A local US foundry provided Ergo21 with a specific density open cell foam that is meant to absorb road vibrations without being uncomfortable for the sitting muscles. Then, a specially designed LiquiCell Membrane is applied on top to enhance blood flow while safeguarding delicate skin tissues from deterioration.

About Ergo21
Dedicated to offering smart solutions to counteract the health issues related to lower back pain, Ergo21 is a leading name in the industry. With an exhaustive range of lumbar support cushions, including wheelchair cushions, original cushions, sports cushions, coccyx cushions, lumbar cushions, travel cushions, mesh chair set cushions and more, the company has 500+ five-star reviews on Amazon. The company is planning to expand its product line with LiquiCell-filled bicycle seats, shoe insoles, and pillow cases.

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