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Sherry Lee, Publicist/Editor in Chief

GTK PR Talent Agency, LLC Launches Hollywood Legends Magazine

GTK PR Talent Agency, LLC Launches Hollywood Legends Magazine

Hollywood Legends Magazine

Hollywood Legends Magazine

Stay tuned to inside stories of Hollywood, interviews, candid moments of favorite stars, and much more. Sherry Lee spills the beans about her new venture.

As a Publicist, Mother, Engineer and now Editor in Chief of a magazine that grew up in Speake, Alabama. I am so blessed at all the support and accomplishments I have achieved here in Los Angeles.”

— Sherry Lee

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 29, 2022 / — Los Angeles, California – GTK PR Talent Agency-Hollywood Legends Magazine.

Hollywood Legends Magazine was launched on November 5, 2022, by California-based GTK PR Talent Agency. A multifacet magazine will feature regular editions of the latest gossip of the entertainment industry, interviews of stars, emerging talent, and updates about upcoming music tracks and movies; the special section is allocated for the blast from past where memories of some of the renowned works of globally acclaimed artists will be seen in a retrospect. The woman behind turning the dream of a PR agency into reality, the owner of GTK PR Talent Agency, Sherry Lee, announced the magazine launch in an interview with local media.

Having Virtual Satellite Offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, London, and Huntsville and clients in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Florida, Nashville, Alabama, and New Orleans, England, and has expanded outside of the United States of America by having a Canada based client on board, the publicist Sherry Lee has made a name for herself in the Public Relations for her extraordinary services and a vast network covering a wider range of audience for her clients. She has been serving many big names in the entertainment industry for the past many years. Expanding her horizons and coming up with something exciting, interesting, and engaging for the Hollywood fans, she has come up with the Hollywood Legends Magazine, the first look of which can be viewed at Hollywood Legends Magazine.

Sharing about her journey to become a publicist, Sherry recalled how it all was in a moment of realization. Also, an engineer by profession and a mother at home, becoming an owner of a PR agency was a thought never embraced by Sherry. It was her son’s interest in acting that she found her own unidentified skills, which were soon to become her destiny. Coming out stronger from rather unfortunate events, the love and passion of her son moved her closer to who she is today. Her son was the first ever talent she dealt with, which was soon recognized in her proximity with many emerging talents trusting her for their future endeavors; with a small setup and no intention of opening an official PR talent agency, GTK-PR Talent Agency today stands at one of the best and most frequented by the emerging talent of millennials and generation Z artists.

The initials GTK represent Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick, Actor and the son of Sherry Lee; the agency offers multiple services, from assisting clients with interviews, events, and public appearances to creating an Electronic Press Kit for them, which is an integral part of reaching out to masses and production houses. Furthermore, a manager, assistant, and social media expert with a prominent presence on leading sites, she provides it all for the perfect starting kick in the entertainment industry. Once associated with GTK, an artist is in safe hands, certain to be on the pathway to success. And the best part, it is one of the most affordable options available, given the post-pandemic price hike.

‘It is beyond words to explain how I feel about launching Hollywood Legends Magazine. I started from nowhere just wanting an opening for my son, and it has been a long, tedious journey but worth it. It has been emotionally overwhelming. As an engineer pursuing Ph.D, I had no idea destiny had this in store for me. We have built into a full-fledged agency that will cater to all the needs. Show some love to the magazine and give our official website a visit. Hollywood Legends Magazine will define a new era of reporting with engaging content for the readers. Sherry Lee, Founder GTK PR Talent Agency.

The team behind the magazine has been carefully picked to ensure readers get the hottest headline in town, making them the first to break; the team’s vigilant social media presence and contacts with top paparazzi have built a strong networking system that will bring quick news for the readers. Interviews have been designed, including fun sessions of candid fun activities where artists will familiarize the audience with their real selves. With so much focus on quality content, the magazine has become the talk of town days after its release.

Over the years, Sherry has managed to assist with red-carpet appearances for the associated talent; her multidimensional approach to building the perfect portfolio for a new entrance into the industry has been unparalleled. From the right stylist to wearing an outfit that makes a statement, the agency takes care of everything. With a similar approach to Hollywood Legends Magazine, the agency is soaring to new heights to success with an impressive talent on board which is set to rule the entertainment industry in coming years.

For more details and information, head over to GTK PR. Follow Hollywood Legends Magazine on Instagram to stay updated on the latest edition. Read Sherry Lee’s complete interview where she shares her journey and launch of the magazine; please visit Inspiring Conversations with Sherry Lee of GTK PR Agency and Hollywood Legends Magazine.

About GTK PR Talent Agency’ Hollywood Legends Magazine
Hollywood Legends Magazine was launched on November 5, 2022, for avid readers of the latest news, interviews, and entertainment industry headlines by the GTK PR Talent Agency. The inaugural edition of the magazine has been well-received among the audience.

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Launch of Hollywood Legends Magazine