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HabileData, a reputed service provider to e-commerce portals, holds talk as recent research forecasts a demand spike for product data entry services.

You might have the best product, but without quality product data entry, customers on an e-commerce portal or online store won’t be able to find it. That’s as good as the product not being in store.”

— Snehal Joshi – Associate Director at HabileData

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2023 / — HabileData, a veteran service provider for e-commerce portals and online stores, held a symposium with its product data entry services teams in the light of recent market forecasts. Company leaders present at the venue said the market for both product information management solutions and product data entry services are going to boom, and teams had to stay in shape to meet higher workloads.

The convention, held at the company headquarters in Ahmedabad, India, focused on ways in which product data entry helps the eCommerce industry and contributes to its success.

Drawing attention to multiple market reports published in September this year, Snehal Joshi, one of the directors of the company, said, “Our company has been handling product data entry projects for a global clientele for over three decades. But there’s no scope for complacence. Technologies are changing fast. New tools are arriving, and the market has higher expectations.”

He added that given HabileData’s continued success for three decades in product data entry; the company enviably positioned in India is expecting a rush of new projects.

Owing to the 5 core benefits of product data entry services for ecommerce portals and online stores; they told data entry experts to further focus on:

1. Keeping data consistent and updated

Product data entry lists out all product details like price, units of measurement, technical attributes, usage info, product description, and the rest. Customers feel their purchases are justified when they go through such data. Product descriptions should always be detailed, and product availability information should always match with inventory. Any ambiguity in data can impact conversions.

2. Tagging and captioning images and videos

In the eCommerce industry, tagging and captioning product images and videos, right from alt text to caption; everything falls in the domain of data entry. Studies show that shoppers prefer to see more images in the item description; it is one of the most important risks reducing factors for online shopping. Demo and instructional videos give clarity on products, leading to easy sales of complex and costly products; but only if these visuals properly show up on search and recommendations. For this, accuracy of product data entry becomes crucial.

Snehal opines that “product content drives sales but only if the content is accurate, enriched, updated, and well managed. He stressed that product visibility is the key to success of any online store.”

3. Tagging and categorizing product attributes

A poorly organized site sells 50 percent less than a well-organized one. Delayed search results lead to abandoned carts impacting conversion and retention. Customers need options to filter, refine and sort product information and quickly find the product they are looking for. Adding as many attributes as possible, like color, size, price, etc. helps in accurate and quick search results. For this, accurate and timely product data entry is critical for eCommerce players.

4. Tagging product recommendations to upsell and cross-sell

Adding cross-selling and up-selling products influences customers to shop more. Also, this helps customers with more choices to increase the chances of purchase. Customers also need quick comparisons between products. These features are not possible to offer to customers without correct and relevant data entry. It helps conditional searches to find and display the right products.

5. Segmenting product data to enrich, personalize and optimize

New Epsilon research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. High-quality data entry is crucial for helping to craft personalized experiences through product recommendations based on previous purchases, browsing history, demographics, etc.

A study published in Segment reveals that 44 percent of consumers favor a repeat purchase after a personalized experience and 71 percent showed frustration if the shopping experience was impersonal.

Slow catalog performance, poor search results, limited usage of product attributes for search filters, poor product description and design, complex checkout process, ineffective SEO, poor navigation, poor data management, all can spell disaster for revenue opportunities. It is the quality of product data entry determines the performance of these processes.

HabileData has been serving in the product data entry services market for over three decades. Based in India, with offices in UK, US and the Netherlands, HabileData has always excelled in service delivery. They have been providing complete and complex eCommerce/E-store management solutions for all business verticals for a global clientele.

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