8 Winners to Win Giveaway Package of Bow Wow Labs’ Award-Winning 4in1™ Toothbrush and 4in1™ Enzymatic Toothpaste Gel for Pets

Standard approach to the topic of dental/periodontal disease is to emphasize that cats and dogs develop plaque, like people do, which is why we recommend brushing their dog’s teeth daily. ”

— Dr. David Bergmann, Veterinarian and resource to Bow Wow Labs

NOVATO, CA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — February is National Pet Dental Health Month, making it a great time to emphasize the importance of healthy gums and teeth for our furry friends and the power of prevention. Leaders in pet health and wellness and creators of the innovative and award-winning 4in1™ Toothbrush and Enzymatic Toothpaste Gel, Bow Wow Labs® is hosting a “4in1™ to Fabulous” Pet Dental Month Giveaway for 2 weeks in February – February 15 through February 28, 2023 – and open to dog and cat lovers across the USA.

Dates and Rules:
Giveaway eligibility starts February 15th at 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) and goes through February 28th at 11:59 PM ET. Bow Wow Labs will announce 8 lucky winners on March 1st that will win the gift of better pet breath, better dental health and a better chance at a healthier, happier heart. Eligible winners must reside in the U.S. only.

To enter to win:
1. Find @BowWowLabs on Instagram: www.instagram.com/bowwowlabs
2. Click on the link in Bow Wow Labs’ Instagram bio
3. Click “Enter Giveaway” and enter an active email address *This email address will be how winners are contacted.
4. Follow @BowWowLabs on Instagram while you’re there!

All cat and dog parents are invited to enter the 4in1™ to Fabulous” Pet Dental Month Giveaway for a chance to win a Oral Care Package inclusive of:

**ONE The 4in1™ Toothbrush**
The patented four-head design allows for quick, efficient and effective cleaning that is also complete and thorough. While the three heads are cleaning the surface area of the teeth at one time, the fourth head is gently cleaning hard to reach places on the opposing tooth while also helping to keep your dog’s mouth open for easier brushing. The comfortable, gripped handle makes holding the brush a breeze and reduces slippage. The included brush cover allows for stand-up storage, keeping the bristles clean and free of bacteria (when cleaned properly). Available in sizes small and large.
Small 4in1™ Toothbrush (Orange): Recommended for dogs/cats weighing under 25lbs.
Large 4in1™ Toothbrush (Blue): Recommended for dogs weighing more than 25lbs


**ONE 4in1™ Enzymatic Toothpaste Gel**
The 4in1™ Enzymatic Toothpaste Gel is a gentle and soothing toothpaste that is formulated using only the highest quality ingredients. The unique blend of Aloe, Manuka Honey, Sage, Baking Soda, Parsley and Enzymes supports healthy gums, prevents plaque formation, eliminates harmful bacteria, soothes gums, and freshens your dog’s breath at the same time.

The Facts: Over 80% of dogs over the age of 3 have some form of periodontal disease, an alarming statistic for veterinarians, and something many pet owners don’t know can be positively avoided. Just like with our teeth, without brushing, biofilm accumulates and becomes tartar, which is difficult to remove.

Lack of proper preventative oral care can have major effects on the body as the bacteria and toxins are breathed into the lungs, swallowed into the stomach and intestines, and enter the bloodstream where it can affect distant organs every time the dog or cat eats! Daily brushing removes this biofilm, reducing tartar buildup and simultaneously brushing away bacteria that’s directly related to cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and distant organ disease.

Veterinarian and resource to Bow Wow Labs, Dr. David Bergmann states, “My standard approach to the topic of dental and periodontal disease is to emphasize that cats and dogs develop plaque, the soft bacterial biofilm on their teeth, just the same as people do. Basically, they’re just like us. That plaque that builds up calcifies into tartar, a cement-like substance, within 48 hours. That’s why we recommend brushing their dog’s teeth daily, just like they do with their own teeth. However, I feel a multi-modal approach which incorporates both brushing and other means of plaque-prevention seems to be the most realistic option for the majority of my clients.”

For more information about the award-winning company and its growing line of product-innovations, please visit www.bowwowlabs.com.


About Bow Wow Labs: Bow Wow Labs, Inc. (BWL) are makers of innovative products that help to keep dogs safe, healthy, and happy. BWL is best-known for the life-protecting Bow Wow Buddy along with their line of Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks, which have had great success since launching in 2018. Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks are made from fresh, 100% grass-fed cattle, free of chemicals and hormones. With a growing line of nutritious dog treats and chews, BWL has many more new products and innovation on the horizon! Learn more at: https://bowwowlabs.com/.

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