HoverLeash strives to make dog walking easier for all people, regardless of physical limitations

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new product on the market is looking to change how people take their furry friends out for a walk. HoverLeash is the world’s first truly tangle-free leash, preventing the dog from stepping over leashes or getting it caught around its legs.

When out on walks or runs, dogs typically like to change speeds, weave back and forth, and take sudden detours. This can often lead to traditional leashes getting stepped over, particularly when they are a bit slack. This then gets trapped under the dog or tangled around their legs, leading to the dog tripping and requiring the dog walker to stop the walk, bend down and untangle the leash – often, many times each outing. While this may seem harmless fun for the dog, it can be quite annoying, disruptive and even uncomfortable and painful for the dog and dog walker.

The HoverLeash was invented to solve the problem of dogs getting tangled in their leashes. It uses semi-rigid plastic polymer tubing that is molded securely to the bottom of the leash. This patent-pending device has been engineered to stiffen the bottom of the leash, and its “U” shape was designed to extend the leash out and above the dog’s legs. When the leash is taught, the leash extends straight. When the leash goes slack, the leash re-takes its “U” shape.

HoverLeashes are hand-finished and durable. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and models, including leather, hands-free, basic nylon, rope style and double leashes for walking two dogs at once. They are all competitively priced with traditional leashes.

HoverLeash’s inventor was inspired to develop a tangle-free leash when he observed a dog owner with arthritis struggle to have to painfully bend down to untangle her traditional leashes several times while walking her dogs. HoverLeashes are ideal for anyone with pain or other physical limitations. Many HoverLeash models have additional features that are helpful for persons with limitations. For example, the Co-Pilot and Double Take leashes have a wide, soft, neoprene handle that makes gripping and handling the leash easier for persons with hand pain and limited hand dexterity. The Zen Hands-Free Leash frees the dog walker from using hands altogether during walks, helpful for people in wheelchairs or other walking assistive devices. HoverLeash has also been popular with young children who have not yet developed the coordination to handle a traditional leash. The lightweight design and simple operation of the leash make it easy for even very young children to enjoy walks with their favorite furry friends.

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