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The team at 5 Star Restoration helps the community spot, and fix, water damage in the home

Noted home repair and reconstruction company in the Inland Empire dedicates itself to educating homeowners on properly spotting water damage

MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2022 / — Committed to helping homeowners overcome extraordinary obstacles, Five Star Restoration recently delved into multiple ways to address extensive water damage in the home.

In a blog post titled ‘Water Damage In A House: The Top Causes,’ the Murrieta home repair company in Riverside County explains the top causes of water damage homeowners experience.

“Maybe it’s a tiny ceiling leak or as catastrophic as burst pipes. Regardless of the size and scope of the damage, water damage in a house can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Extensive water damage can also present dangerous side effects to their health,” says Nick Smuts, the business development officer at Five Star Restoration.

The home reconstruction company, with a team of experts well-versed in water damage repair in Riverside and San Diego counties, believes that educating their customers is a massive part of overcoming the complications of property damage. Especially when some water damage homeowners encounter presents dangers to their health.

“The financial cost of water damage is undoubtedly high. But the other side effects of an unexpected toilet overflow or leaky pipe can be massive issues on their own,” states Smuts.

The Problems With Mold Growth

The article then goes on to explain the various dangers that even mild mold growth can present.

“Whenever there are water and mold spores in the home, mold growth is a very real possibility. A homeowner may not notice the subtle growth of toxic mold until they start feeling side effects like headaches, dizziness, and nausea. If a home is toxic, it’s a race against time to mitigate harmful health effects. As soon as you suspect or detect the source of mold growth, it’s essential to act fast.”

And a great way to tackle mold and avoid health issues is by hiring a mold removal expert. Five Star Restoration, along with water damage expertise, has a fantastic track record of mold remediation. Likewise, the company often writes about the dangers of mold and how easy it is for it to go undetected.

Another recent article, ‘How To Detect Signs Of Water Damage In Walls,’ describes the telltale signs that anyone can look out for to see if water damage is present in the home.

“Some signs of water damage are obvious, while others take more effort to spot. The sooner you spot these telltale signs of water damage, the quicker you can go about getting it repaired.”

Starting with another warning of sneaky mold growth, Five Star Restoration explains that mold belongs nowhere near the home.

“While mold is natural and plays a crucial role in nature, it has no place in your home. Not only is it a home repair issue, but a health hazard. Toxic mold can cause various adverse health effects like nausea, vomiting, wheezing, and other breathing problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s mold on drywall or down in your basement; it needs addressing as soon as possible.”

Indeed, mold growth can cause multiple health problems that leave homeowners all over the country wheezing, coughing, and wracked with nausea.

In fact, according to the CDC, those with compromised immune symptoms are especially at risk of mold infection symptoms like night sweats, fever, weight loss, and shortness of breath. The CDC and Five Star Restoration advise people who have recently experienced home flooding to contact experts as soon as possible, as mold growth can occur quickly, within 24 to 48 hours.

The Problem With Peeling Paint

Along with water stains on walls and mold growth, peeling paint is one of the most common signs of extensive water damage.

But peeling paint need not immediately point to water damage. In fact, Five Star Restoration explains peeling paint can have a few causes. High humidity, sun exposure, irregular wall structure, too much paint, and calcimine paint can cause peeling paint on one’s walls.

“See if you can determine the source of the peeling paint and see if it’s a water leak or merely a coat of old paint. Is the peeling paint on your wall the result of a water leak, or could it be a sign of age? If something has been leaking, there will likely be some wet spots where the paint has been worn away by dampness.”

Five Star Restoration advises homeowners to investigate peeling paint and wallpaper, ensuring everything seems normal.

“An excellent way to figure out if this is water damage or age is by examining how solid everything looks around these areas. A strong layer should cover everything beneath.”

When homeowners see peeling paint, it’s always a good idea to examine the area and get a second opinion, which Five Star Restoration doubles down on.
Contacting Experts To Repair Home Water Damage

Homeowners have a few options to staunch the water flow causing leaks. If the leak isn’t too severe, homeowners can try to turn off the water in their homes and see if the leaks continue. If they do, or a leak is more severe, professionals must be contacted to ensure safety.

“When in doubt, calling on water damage specialists in Murrieta is your best bet,” says Smuts.

“Professionals with experience in treating every form of water damage can help you check for multiple issues and prevent problems in the future. Our water repair services at Five Star Restoration can help homeowners document the extent of the damage and help you call your insurance company. Additionally, we can help you contact some of the best plumbers in the Inland Empire.”

Indeed, since 2016, the dedicated team at Five Star Restoration has been serving home and business owners in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas, including Northern San Diego.

Led by general manager Kevin Gray, the team prides itself on serving the community.

“We are committed to educating you through the process so you can make the best decision to restore your home or business effectively and efficiently while providing a Five Star service every time.”

The team at Five Star Restoration concludes with its further dedication to making the Inland Empire safer for homeowners and businesses.

​”We are husbands and fathers, so we understand a safe home is crucial and that time is your most valuable resource.”

With education, skill, and dedication to the community, Five Star Restoration is on a mission to assist everyday people in saving their homes and recovering from extensive home damage.

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