Kena Tchiteya encourages all to embrace their bare skin with her proven acne-free skincare rituals

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2022 / — Longtime skincare education influencer Kena Tchiteya brings quality research-driven skincare routines backed with nutritional guidance and lifestyle tips. Kena states, “I tried everything under the sun, and it made it worse. “At first, I would spend long hours trying to touch up my make-up, not feeling fully satisfied with the outcome.”

With the social scene focused on outer appearance, Kena strived to become a vessel of self-acceptance and encouragement, using her struggles with acne as a catalyst to inspire all to be the best version of themselves.

Kena’s skincare advice is rooted in nutrition and skin health, emphasizing the ability to look effortlessly confident and chic day to night. She eliminated fast food, dairy, and alcohol and now incorporates her approach as a means to being acne free. Kena states, “I tried to cover up my spots with thick foundation and concealer or keep my face mask on, but it took a huge toll on my self-confidence.”

Her journey began with seeking professional help and investing in products paired with facials and peels to fade her spots. However, it wasn’t until she ditched her weekly Mcdonald’s, dairy, and alcohol that her skin cleared incredibly. Thus, she determined that eating pretty is just as important as having proper skincare.

Generated from the lack of thoughtful and nutrition-based skincare routines, Kena’s remedies were designed to solve the problem from within. By incorporating diet changes and lifestyle advice, her brand provides a long-term and sustainable means to clear skin while addressing mental wellness and self-confidence.

The forward-thinking approach allows for the upcoming release of her app in November, destined to add value to an already well-established brand. To further Kena’s appeal, the nutritional component is something many don’t deliver when considering skincare. Her advice and education towards eating pretty allow for thoughtful wellness-driven recommendations that dive deep into the root causes of acne and flare-ups.

To ensure her brand reveals that glam and beauty stem from within, Kena shows her vulnerable journey by sharing the personal hurdles she overcame to reach her skincare goals. She continues to be passionate about self-care from the inside out while putting health and nutrition as a top priority in her brand messaging.

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About KenaTchiteya
Montreal-based Kena Tchiteya has revolutionized skincare by revealing her journey transparently and authentically. Her approach combines health and wellness paired with research-driven skincare recommendations to deliver thoughtful and timeless remedies rooted in success.

Kena identifies with the struggles of acne, and her brand success is a testimony of her dedication and passion. The extra attention to care and research makes her routines credible and trustworthy, especially for those seeking transparency when choosing skincare education and advice.

Her upcoming app delivers an elevated approach to long-term skin goals and serves as a means to provide all with the ability to feel empowered, confident, and self-assured from within. Kena places value in addressing nutrition, the importance of eating pretty, and mental health’s role in feeling and looking your best. Kena’s ultimate mission is to provide people with the opportunity to embrace their multifaceted selves and meet them where empowerment and self-love intersect.

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