Lovetuner Founder Sigmar Berg Breathwork

Lovetuner Founder Sigmar Berg

Lovetuner Founder Sigmar Berg speaking at a Lovetuner Love Event 528 hz

Lovetuner Founder Sigmar Berg speaking at a Lovetuner Love Event

The Lovetuner Bronze 528hz Breathing & Meditation Device

The Lovetuner Bronze 528hz Breathing & Meditation Device

When I was introduced to the 528hz frequency and started the Lovetuner, one thing came right away to my mind: the Lovetuner is the tool that will heal the world.”

— Sigmar Berg, Lovetuner Founder

MALIBU, CA, US, December 23, 2022 / — Sigmar Berg, Lovetuner Founder, knew instantly that the Lovetuner has the power to change the world. Having experienced sound healing and practicing meditation, Sigmar was familiar with the numerous benefits of both. The Lovetuner combines frequency and breathwork to help quickly achieve a deep state of meditation. The 528 hz frequency is a powerful Solfeggio healing frequency, it is also known as the Love Frequency or DNA Repair Frequency. As one exhales through the Lovetuner they are connecting to the 528 hz frequency, raising their own vibration.

With his background as an architect, fashion designer, and founder of the luxury fashion brand Beryll, Sigmar Berg created a stylish necklace that features the Lovetuner. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry with a deeper purpose. Making the Lovetuner wearable as a stunning accessory, allows it to be within reach any moment that a breathing break is needed to tune in and find balance.

When performing a conscious breathing break, in combination with the 528 hz frequency, it signals the nervous system to calm down, stepping out of fight or flight mode. While tuning there is an instant sensation of relaxation, as the body and mind reset and enter into resonance with the 528 hz frequency.

What makes the Lovetuner such a remarkable product, is its simplicity. It harness the power of the breath to create the 528 hz frequency. It is a natural way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and overcome trauma with zero negative side effects. The only thing one can do wrong with the Lovetuner is to not tune. Sigmar Berg recommends a regular tuning practice to promote good spiritual hygiene. Sigmar recommends tuning first thing in the morning for a clear mind and to start the day off in a positive, high vibration. The Lovetuner can be used as part of a mindfulness routine, in combination with yoga or meditation, but also throughout the day, as needed.

The breathwork component of the Lovetuner is not only beneficial on a mental and spiritual level, but it has a positive impact physically as well. The Lovetuner promotes an elongated steady exhale, this encourages a deep inhale filling the lungs to capacity and then strengthening the lungs as a steady exhale is held. The audible feedback that the Lovetuner gives in the form of the subtle tone of the 528 hz frequency, guides one’s exhale. When done correctly, a subtle soothing tone is created. Over time when using the Lovetuner, the length of the exhale increase, as the lungs strengthen.

The Lovetuner is much more than a product, it is a mission to create a positive shift in our world to create a world of unity and harmony. In Sigmar Berg’s own words: “I never saw the Lovetuner just as a product. The frequency touched my heart, and a way bigger and universal mission formed and manifested. Without even knowing where the journey goes, I coined the slogan, ‘One Journey’. And this is exactly what it means to me. It’s a journey inward, healing yourself and the collective. I saw right away that the Lovetuner is the key for everybody – no matter if spiritually elevated or just curious – to connect instantly into the divine web of love.” The Lovetuner is a healing tool, no matter where someone is in their life journey it is a tool that can elevate and guide someone to their full potential.

It is Sigmar’s belief that by moving from the mind back into the heart, we are able to overcome boundaries and polarization. The Lovetuner brings the user into resonance with positive attributes, such as love, forgiveness, compassion, and thoughtfulness. Sigmar hopes to make the healing power of the Lovetuner available to everyone, with this and the Lovetuner mission in mind he founded the Lovetuner Foundation. The Lovetuner Foundation is a California-based, non-profit organization with the mission to empower individuals and communities to heal through breath, frequency, and vibration. The Foundation’s purpose is to bring the healing power of mindfulness meditation through the combination of breathwork and the 528 Hz frequency to people of all ages and, in particular, to those who would otherwise not have access.

Around the Lovetuner an entire lifestyle and coaching program has been developed. The Lovetuner Coach was co-created by Lovetuner Founder, Sigmar Berg, and Lovetuner Team Rider, Anne Wolnik. The Lovetuner Coach program is available in Spanish, German, and English and is offered online and in person. The Lovetuner Coach empowers people to achieve their personal goals and the goals of the program while simultaneously embracing their own value as human beings and living their best personal, universal vision. The program sets forth how to incorporate the Lovetuner into daily and professional life to unleash one’s inner power. Coaches support and inspire others to recognize and develop their potential, they provide essential guidance to others and support their journey to self-awareness and personal development.

To learn more about the Lovetuner, the mission behind the product, and the Founder, Sigmar Berg, please check out Sigmar Berg’s most recent Q & A on the Lovetuner YouTube channel.

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