Conductor puts state-of-the-art identity resolution controls at your fingertips to ensure your profiles are always accurate and easy to visualize.

Conductor manages the ins and outs of your data pipeline so you can focus on more important tasks. Configure alerts to identify any issues in your workflow, so you can always ensure a healthy pipeline

With Conductor, you can extend schemas pre-built by Lytics data scientists, or build your own from scratch. Backed by version control, you can be sure that none of your work is ever lost.

Conductor, Lytics CDI, delivers a UX data managers can use to connect, control, and manage data; the final component of company’s vision for a Composable CDP

SAN FRANCISCO, CA , UNITED STATES , October 25, 2022 / — Lytics, a next generation customer data platform (CDP), today announces the launch of Conductor, the centerpiece of Lytics Composable CDP. Conductor is Lytics Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) product that connects and unifies customer data, for better results across the marketing and data stack, to improve ROI and reduce costs.

“Every company has customer data that is underperforming and, in today’s market, they can’t afford to,” said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President, Lytics. “With the introduction of Conductor, Lytics makes it even easier to grab more data from any channel or touchpoint in a clean, structured way in order to quickly drive ROI.”

Conductor is the centerpiece of products that make up Lytics Composable CDP, which also includes Lytics Cloud Connect, a reverse ETL solution that uses SQL attributes to access and import data from the customer’s data warehouse to build segments; and Lytics Decision Engine, renowned for its data activation capabilities and ability to personalize experiences at scale.

With the addition of Lytics Conductor, the organization’s new Composable CDP enables enterprise businesses to collect and manage customer data, manage identity, and create unified profiles that can be used for activation. Conductor further completes the enterprise data stack by loading all data into the warehouse in minutes–delivering a clean, standardized data set for analytics and modeling accessible for use across the entire organization.

“Conductor is the centerpiece of our platform’s Composable strategy and will play a leading role in any organization’s data activation strategy, ensuring their ability to future-proof their customer data tech stack and eliminating any concern of large vendor lock-in,” added Kaykas-Wolff. “Conductor’s innovative user experience, limitless extensibility, and ability to build unified customer profiles further enhance Lytics’ value in every CIO’s data initiatives.”

Marketing personalization and segmentation is reliant on customer data that is accurate, well-structured, comprehensive and current. Lytics Conductor serves as a single source of truth for customer data and enables businesses to deliver on the personalized experiences their customers expect with every interaction, whether it be on a website or mobile, in email marketing or in advertising.

Lytics Conductor takes customer data from any customer touchpoint —across all channels and platforms—and integrates it all into unified customer profiles, creating a clean, accurate, and consistent view of your customer across their journey.

“With the launch of Conductor, Lytics is clearly the industry leader defining the future of the CDP,” added Kaykas-Wolff.


About Lytics
As the first composable customer data platform (CDP) built for enterprises, Lytics’ vision is to fuel the world’s most customer-centric companies. Lytics provides the ultimate security and flexibility for the modern marketing and ad technology stacks, including unparalleled audience insights & AI / ML enrichments that power smarter audience identification, best-in-class media activation, and a one-of-a-kind flexible and composable architecture. Offering reverse ETL capabilities and the ability to deploy both private instance & private cloud deployments, Lytics’ unique data-driven approach enables brands to leverage their own customer data to increase customer engagement, marketing ROI, customized content recommendations and personalized web experiences.

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