Meet Vera Scott the Influencer, Holistic Living Educator & Life Strategist Who Helps Individuals Take Back Their Health

One thing I have learned is that life is fragile. Time is ticking and it does not wait on anyone or anything ~ Vera Scott


Schools, hospitals, government organizations, churches, colleges, universities, hospices and institutions of higher education are all focused on the growing health crisis in America. These institutions are all struggling to find solutions and spending hundreds of millions of dollars towards fighting this epidemic, yet only a rare few have seen the nation’s health epidemic up close and personal like wellness coach and holistic living educator Vera Scott.

As a child Vera Scott dreamed of being a nurse. She recounts taking nursing classes as a part of her junior high school’s “Health Careers” program. That was over 50 years ago. Since then, Vera Scott has spent over 45 years working as a Registered Nurse and over 26 years as a Hospice Nurse. She has watched individuals take their last breath.

These experiences have taught Vera Scott that people do in fact have the ability to heal their bodies and take ownership of their own health. While many wonder if healing is possible, Vera Scott has seen individuals heal themselves on multiple occasions. Vera Scott healed her own body by taking a holistic approach. She went from just eating for the heck of it, to using whole foods as the fuel to properly nourish and heal her body and the bodies of others. She has a passion for serving others and thus Claim Health and Wellness was birthed out of her own pain and suffering, to teach people exactly what to do to live long, healthy lives.

Vera Scott focuses on the health of the youth. Education on healthy eating starting in Kindergarten thru High School is where it starts in school. However, with the rising diagnosis of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, she must first educate the parent or legal guardian, who are the food purchasers and food preparers on proper eating. Parents are also their children’s primary teacher and contribute to the overall health of their children. Parents have to be taught a healthy lifestyle. They are the drivers of healthy behaviors in their home. Children eat what the parents bring into the home and cook.

“One thing I have learned is that life is fragile. Time is ticking and it does not wait on anyone or anything” says Claim Health and Wellness Founder and CEO Vera Scott. “I teach a holistic living pathway to men and women who are overweight, diabetic, have other chronic conditions or just don’t feel good. As a result of what I do clients are able to course correct their metabolism, lose weight, lose inches, gain energy, prevent and or reverse medical conditions, decrease to normal cholesterol levels, fasting blood sugars, and Hgb A1C. We just have to get started doing the work.”

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