We can’t recreate the system overnight, but we’re doing everything to move the needle to benefit homeowners or potential homeowners.”

— David Ha

PASADENA, CA, USA, January 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Moafly, a platform designed to help solve current issues in residential real estate, helps renters turn into homeowners: crediting the buyer’s agent commission entirely. With commission rates for real estate buyer’s agents often hovering around 3%, Moafly aims for this to be an influential solution that grants clients more flexibility than ever to reach their goal of owning a home.

A Powerful Advantage
Moafly’s unique workflow is designed to modernize the buying process, recognizing that most buyers typically already know what they are looking for in a home (or already have a specific property and offer in mind) before approaching an agent. Some clients may need to partner with an agent for a few weeks, while others only need a few hours to close a deal—but the commission remains the same even if different buyers have varying needs.

Because of this, it’s more appealing for intelligent buyers to shop for homes independently, especially with the wide availability of listings websites like Zillow and Redfin designed to help them search for homes on the market. This also means most real estate agent workflows have evolved, as most of them now spend considerable time marketing themselves to other clients—not finding properties. So, the buyer’s agent fee would primarily cover costs associated with their marketing efforts and showings or completing offer paperwork.

Unlike traditional agencies, Moafly’s agents do not work for commission. Instead, they are paid based on hours worked, which means buyers are credited the 3% buyer’s agent commission. Since it takes ten hours on average for Moafly agents to complete a property transaction, these extra funds can help cover costs associated with closing the property, renovations, mortgage interest rates, and more.

Of the company’s unique approach to the agent-client partnership, Moafly founder David Ha commented, “We can’t recreate the system overnight, but we’re doing everything to move the needle to benefit homeowners or potential homeowners.”

Moafly’s streamlined platform will help prospective buyers go through the process on their own if they wish, but its team of highly qualified real estate agents is always available if they need professional help. Renters hoping to become homeowners should browse available property listings using Zillow or Redfin, then reach out to one of Moafly’s commission-free real estate agents.

About Moafly
Moafly is a real estate technology company based in Pasadena, CA. The platform provides prospective buyers and sellers with the tools necessary to close a home independently and a team of highly qualified real estate agents on demand.

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