All of MUDWTR's hero products lined up with some mushrooms.

MUDWTR Adds Matcha and Turmeric Blends to Its Line-Up

A tin of MUDWTR's :balance Turmeric blend with the golden powder spilling out.

MUDWTR :balance Turmeric

MUDWTR's :rise Matcha blend spilling out of the green tin

MUDWTR’s new :rise Matcha blend

The brand known for its successful coffee alternative announces two new products, :rise Matcha and :balance Turmeric, in its line-up of habit-building offerings

SANTA MONICA, CA , UNITED STATES, January 2, 2023 / — MUDWTR is ringing in the New Year with new MUD. Today, the company—best known for its popular coffee alternative, :rise Cacao—announced two new products, :rise Matcha and :balance Turmeric, to round out its line of adaptogenic mushroom drink blends.

MUDWTR started in 2018 with a mission to change the relationship people have with coffee. In 2021, it helped customers bookend their mindful mornings with a calming evening ritual, :rest Rooibos. As of today, MUDWTR has expanded its line of functional beverages to complement every juncture of the day.

Joining its flagship coffee alternative in the :rise category, :rise Matcha is a mindful morning ritual with an extra boost of energy. MUDWTR’s matcha blend is 100% organic and made with spices and mushrooms. With just a fraction of the caffeine found in coffee, as well as naturally occurring L-theanine from matcha, it provides energy, focus and immune support, without the jitters, crash or poor sleep.

The first in MUD’s new :balance category, :balance Turmeric is meant to inspire meaningful breaks during the day. This caffeine-free blend of functional mushrooms, turmeric and spices is a grounding and soothing afternoon break.

As the sun sets, :rest Rooibos is on-hand as a beneficial nightcap—a rich, cozy wind-down blend made from rooibos tea, adaptogenic mushrooms and mycelium, spices, valerian root, chamomile and ashwagandha. As part of an evening ritual, it helps with relaxation when it matters most.

With the new flavors, Research & Development Manager Matthew Held says to expect the same signature rich, complex MUD taste “with a few new twists” and reliably top quality, science-backed ingredients. “We are always pushing boundaries—researching and growing and innovating with some of the greatest people on Earth,” says Held. “When you order MUDWTR, you know you’re getting a product that not only was ground-up designed to be of the highest quality, but continues to be on the forefront of science in and beyond the food space.”

For CEO and Founder Shane Heath, the expanded product line was a natural evolution for a company whose purpose is to create healthy minds through healthy habits. “We believe that the health of our mind is determined by the quality of the things we do routinely,” says Heath. “We started with a product to help you :rise because I personally had felt the downsides of being reliant on caffeine to operate and the upside of changing that. The best morning ritual really starts the night before, so our :rest category was a natural next step. We now have a category called :balance because sometimes it’s 2 p.m. and you don’t want to take a nap, but you also don’t need a slap to the face.”

Everything—from how we treat the planet, to how we treat each other, to how we treat ourselves—starts from within, adds Heath. Which is why MUDWTR’s consumables are matched by a robust offering of habit-supporting content. From documentaries and instructional videos from MUDFILMS to educational and inspirational articles on and thought-provoking conversations on the Trends w/ Benefits podcast, MUD content centers on well-being, mental heath and psychedelics. The brand wants to give people permission to try something new, even if it’s just a new state of mind. Why? Because they believe “if you can change your mind, you can change anything.”

“We believe that a healthy mind should be accessible to everyone,” says Heath, “and although not everyone feels they can get there today, sometimes all it takes is a new healthy habit to be that lead domino to change your life for the better. Who knows? Enough of that might just change the world.”

From morning to night, MUDWTR’s expanded product line is meant to help consumers rise with intention, stay balanced in a busy world, and rediscover the power of rest.

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