A preventative wellness program doctors can recommend to senior patients

This is information your doctor wished you knew twenty years earlier.”

— Kathy Doubleday DPT, OCS

OJAI, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Physio Ed. announced new fitness and health programs designed for older adults. Primary care physicians can now refer senior patients to improve their balance, strength, endurance, and cognitive skills through their physical therapist reviewed programs.

Physio Ed. classes are developed through a collaboration of evidence-based research, physical therapists, and seasoned fitness instructors, ensuring the unique needs of seniors are met. The content is approachable, providing high-quality videos to guide users through a library of multi-level workouts. Co-founder Kathy Doubleday DPT, OCS integrates preventive physical therapy practices into on-demand exercise routines and provides advice for specific conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, or shoulder pain. Programs are peer-reviewed to ensure seniors use the most effective current recommendations for movement health.

“This is information your doctor wished you knew twenty years earlier.” said Doubleday, “Some simple changes can avoid common movement problems and change a person’s life for the better.”

With access to trusted information and education, physicians can add Physio Ed. to their list of tools to improve the health and wellbeing of older patients. Senior centers and communities have embraced the programs as well, organizing group classes around the platform.

Their exercise routines improve the mind-muscle connection and improve neural connections by utilizing dynamic exercises. Pierre Schuberth, a Physio Ed. user, expresses his enthusiasm for the app by saying, “We adore Physio Ed. Their exercise videos and their expertise helped me find my strength.” Routines are engaging and challenging yet perfectly designed for people with various ranges of ability and mobility due to aging.

Exercise modifications are placed throughout Physio Ed. routines, making it ideal for people with osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and other mobility challenges. Doubleday witnessed an increase in mobility limitations due to Covid-19 restrictions and expressed the need for resources like Physio Ed. “We can make sure older adults have a thorough understanding of their risk factors and provide ways to safely manage or avoid complications altogether.”

Physio Ed. content is distributed through their website as well as a YouTube channel, making it available on Smart TVs, tablets, and mobile devices. Seniors are provided the inspiration, confidence, and knowledge they need to maintain strong, safe movement for a lifetime.

Physio Ed. LLC is a preventative healthcare system using education and movement science to help avoid common pitfalls related to aging. Originally created by physical therapists for their patients, it now encompasses daily fitness programs, workshops, and condition-specific information. Physio Ed. content is available on major app and streaming platforms. For additional insight, visit their website at PhysioEd.com

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