Emir Eksioglu & Berk Anil Unal

Zoltake, founded by Emir Eksioglu and Berk Anil Unal, is getting ready to meet with users this year.

Zoltake, is a project that should be followed closely.”

— Fortune

SAN FRANCİSCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNİA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zoltake is a photo-sharing platform that can be quite interesting for users. In Zoltake, photo likes are performed with Zoltas and the number of likes is unlimited. You can then spend the Zoltas you get from the photos on other photos or you can convert them into real money.

Turquoise, an important color in Turkish history, is used in the application which derives its name from the currency Zolta that was used in the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century. The company attaches great importance to being the major photo-sharing platform in Turkey and an important social alternative for users worldwide.

Besides, Zolta, the currency to be used in the application, is being developed to be easily integrated into the Web3 world, and the company plans to include DeFis on the platform in the upcoming period.

Co-founder Berk Anil Unal, who is also an architect, explains the application as follows: “The most important factor that distinguishes Zoltake from other platforms is that users can immediately convert Zoltas, which they use for photo sharing, into real currencies. This is a very important feature for those who want to instantly generate income from their photo sharing. Again, we think that Zoltake will be a very effective channel in the social responsibility field, users will be able to donate fast to the desired foundations using their Zolta. And of course, security. Users will have no problems in terms of privacy and transparency. We make all our plans accordingly.”

Another co-founder is Emir Eksioglu who has worked in international newspapers such as Huff Post, U.S. News and Independent, and Zoltake is already in contact with significant international investors.

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