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Building influencer marketing and creator economy apps on Bubble is now easier than ever with Phyllo, a single API to connect multiple creator platforms

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 27, 2023 / — Influencer marketing and the creator economy is growing at a rapid pace opening up opportunities for new and upcoming businesses in this space. Although we are seeing rapid growth in this market, it comes with its share of challenges. Creator data is severely fragmented across multiple social media and creator platforms, and there isn’t a single, universal source to get all this information in one place.

Creator economy company, Phyllo, today announced a new partnership with popular no-code platform, Bubble, to continue their work in helping creators and businesses catering to creators.

“The new Phyllo-Bubble plugin makes it easier than ever for Bubble Builders to create applications leveraging creator data from over 20 social media platforms through a single API,” said Théo Goldberg, Senior Ecosystem Associate, Bubble.

“Through its simple, no-code design, the new Phyllo plugin on Bubble makes it super easy for creator economy entrepreneurs to build full-fledged applications and tools for creators. It’s now easier than ever before to get quick and verified access to creator data,” said Abid Khan, Product Marketing Manager at Phyllo.

Phyllo is a universal API gateway that provides developers the infrastructure to access user-permissioned data across multiple social platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and more. Phyllo takes care of data normalization, platform partnerships, and app approvals, allowing you to focus your efforts on the product you’re building without spending additional bandwidth on infrastructure and maintenance.

Phyllo’s biggest use case today is in the influencer marketing space, where you can use it to build a robust application that can onboard verified influencers, track content performance, understand fan demographics, and measure campaign ROI seamlessly. Phyllo APIs also power critical use cases in other industries, such as creator tools, financial services, social identity verification, and Web3.

How the Phyllo <> Bubble plugin works

Installing the Phyllo plugin is a similar process to installing any other plugin on Bubble. However, there are two components to a Phyllo integration – the APIs and the Phyllo Connect SDK. The APIs run on the server side, and the Connect SDK presents itself on the user interface for the user to interact with and create a successful account connection. To separate these two components, Phyllo has launched two Bubble plugins to simplify simplify usage and streamline the integration. Full benefit of Phyllo’s product offerings can be achieved by installing and utilizing both the plugins during integration and user journey.

To understand in detail on how you can utilize the plugins to their fullest and connect them with your app, head over to the detailed Bubble plugin guide.

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