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SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITES STATES, February 27, 2023 / — Empowered by iEdge 4.0 OS modular and configurable BYOD features, Polysense Water Quality smart sensors product portfolio provides complete one-stop solutions for various use scenarios

Polysense Technologies Inc., (Polysense) an innovation leader in LPWA IoT solutions for wireless sensing, today launched the complete water quality one-stop sensing solutions with 26 water quality sensors and accessories of buoy systems and mount kit equipped with self-cleaning system. These water quality PSS sensors can be supported with Polysense iEdge 4.0 BYOD capabilities to build LoRaWan product series (WxS8800), NB-IoT product series (WxS9800/9900), LTE Cat1/4 product series (WxSC800/D800), even WiFi series (WxS6800) for those such as marine breeding workboat where WiFi is an ideal data transmission option.

Water quality monitoring is the most common requirements in our daily life when the water is treated in the plant where the operation is monitored with real time data captures from intelligent water quality sensors. These sensors are also widely used in sewage treatment plant, freshwater and seawater aquaculture industry.

“We adopt Polysense water quality sensors to monitor the breeding water quality in our 5G+IoT applications. The water quality sensors include NH4 sensor, Aquaculture ODO sensor, Suspended Solid Sensor, Blue Green Algea sensor, Quad-electrode Salinity Sensor, Colored Dissolvable Organic Matter CDOM Sensor and water temperature sensor combined into multiparameter Sondo system with self-brushing, which mounted into the buoy systems in the marine breeding workboat floating on the sea.” Said Amy Zheng, President of LiteSystems. “We use WiFi and LoRawan as the mixed data uplink in one project, which reduce the systems complexity and the total cost, the true value to us”.

Polysense PSS water quality sensors include the following types:
 PSS-232011 RS485 Water Quality Residual Chlorine Sensor (IP68)
 PSS-232021 RS485 Quad-electrode Salinity Sensor (IP68)
 PSS-232031 RS485 Quad-electrode Conductivity Sensor (IP68)
 PSS-232041 RS485 Water Quality Digital ORP Sensor (IP68)
 PSS-232051 RS485 Water Quality NH4 Sensor (IP68)
 PSS-232081 RS485 Water Quality Total Hardness Sensor (IP68)
 PSS-234011 RS485 Water Quality Digital PH Sensor (IP68)
 PSS-332011 RS485 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor(Optical Fluoresce Principle, IP68)
 PSS-332012 RS485 Aquaculture ODO (Optical Fluoresce Principle,IP68)
 PSS-332021 RS485 Optical Chlorophyll Sensor(Fluorescent, Self-Cleaning, Immersible, IP68)
 PSS-332022 RS485 Optical Chlorophyll Sensor(Fluorescent, Flow Cell/Immersible, IP68)
 PSS-332031 RS485 Blue Green Algea (Fresh Water, Fluorescence, Self-Cleaning, Immersible,IP68)
 PSS-332032 RS485 Blue Green Algea (Fresh Water, Fluorescence, Flow cell/Immersible, IP68)
 PSS-333011 RS485 Suspended Solid Sensor (Back Scattering Light, Self-Cleaning, 0-4,000MG/L, IP68)
 PSS-333012 RS485 Suspended Solid Sensor (UV254, Self-Cleaning,0-10,000MG/L, IP68)
 PSS-334012 RS485 Oil-in-Water Sensor (UV Fluorescent, Cruide Oil , Self-Cleaning, IP68)
 PSS-334014 RS485 Oil-in-Water Sensor (UV Fluorescent, Refined Oil, Self-Cleaning, IP68)
 PSS-334021 RS485 UV254 COD Sensor (Waster Water/Surface Water, IP68)
 PSS-334022 RS485 UV254 COD Sensor (Industrial Waste Water, IP68)
 PSS-334031 RS485 Optical UV254 Turbidity Sensor (Flow cell/Immersible, IP68)
 PSS-334032 RS485 Optical UV254 Turbidity Sensor (Immersible, Self-Cleaning,IP68)
 PSS-334041 RS485 Colored Dissolvable Organic Matter CDOM Sensor (UV Fluorescent, Immersible, Self-Cleaning,IP68)
 PSS-334051 RS485 Water Color Sensor (Dual Wavelength UV254, Immersible,Self-Cleaning,IP68)
 SMK-WQ4000 Multi-parameter Sonde Systems with Self Cleaning Brush
 BSS-BUOY01 Larger Ocean Quality Sensors Buoy System(Inc. Solar Charging Systems)
 BSS-BUOY02 Smaller River Water Quality Sensors Buoy System(Inc. Solar Charging Systems)
PSS water quality sensors need WxS8800 LoRaWan terminal, WxS9800/9900 NB-IoT terminal, WxSC800/D800 LTE Cat1/4 terminal or even WxS7800 WiFi terminal to work together to capture data from sensors and send to cloud via WxS terminal transmission protocols. Just combine PSS and WxS together to build your own smart water quality sensors, WxS8800-234011 as an example, is smart water quality digital pH sensors if only one sensor is selected.¨

“Polysense water quality sensors systems are the complete solutions for those flexible and diversified applications when need to monitor the water qualities,” said Alex Wu, President and CEO of Polysense Technologies, “We provide an easy-to-use solution so that partners or end users can easily select their required from PSS water quality sensor list to compose an integrated systems, just add the required PSS water quality sensors to the configurations, then you can make it.”

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Founded in 2013 and Located in Santa Clara, California, Polysense starts the business from EPON/GPON focused edge products in data telecommunications industry, and expands the value proposition to data sensing focused IoT industry after we realized the next stop of Information Technologies development will be ubiquitous sensing for the upcoming smart digital things world. With the business philosophy of “sensing and connecting the world” in mind, the company is committed to providing the end-to-end integrated solutions of “universal sensing and communication” for the Internet of Things market. Empowered by iEdge 4.0 virtual micro kernel IoT Things OS and the cutting-edge configurable and modular open architecture, Polysense provides BYOD (Build-Your-Own-Devices) capabilities and services of white label, rebrand, OEM and ODM to simplify the sensing complexity and reduce the sensing cost in the real things world.

Polysense IoT products include decoupled various chemical and physical sensors and communications of LoRaWan, WiFi, NB-IoT, Cellular LTE Cat1 and Cat4, which will be expanded to next planned area of Sigfox, BT/BLE, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Mesh and 5G mmTC. Private communication and protocol technologies are easier to be expanded and grafted so that various IoT terminal products are available for those such as satellite communications.

With the global customers and partners over 150 countries, we will continuously contribute to the digital transformation of business, work, life and study of human beings. let’s sensing and connecting the digital world together with the BYOD services of Polysense Technologies!

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