MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 20, 2023 / — Predera, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions, has announced the release of SalesEasy, an app that utilizes machine learning to provide inventory forecasting for BigCommerce sellers. With SalesEasy, BigCommerce merchants can now make informed decisions about inventory management, minimize inventory losses and maximize profits.

“Last year, Predera partnered with Walmart‘s one-commerce technologies team to develop AI/ML tools that help merchants everywhere make smart, data-driven decisions about their business,” said Vamshi Ambati, CEO of Predera. “SalesEasy is a direct outcome of this collaboration where Predera deployed Walmart’s AI/ML algorithms into a usable data application and empowered businesses to streamline their operations, reduce inventory losses and drive growth. We are also excited to launch this app on BigCommerce, given the platform’s reach and the impact it could have on its small and medium merchants. ”

SalesEasy is a powerful AI/ML application that helps businesses optimize their inventory management and align with customer demand. For more information about SalesEasy, visit Bigcommerce marketplace or visit

About Predera:

Predera is a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for businesses. Our mission is to help businesses leverage the power of machine learning and AI to drive growth, optimize operations, and reduce costs. Our flagship product, AIQ, is a cloud-native, secure, SaaS platform that simplifies ML life-cycle management for modern enterprises. With an innovative MLOps product, industry-specific ML models, and high-quality solutions expertise, Predera has seen accelerated growth in customers from the Retail, Finance, Healthcare & Pharma industries. To learn more about Predera please visit or email:

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