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Propel widget has option to present only positive reviews. A solution to tackle the problem of negative reviews, that can prove negative for small businesses.

SAN FRANCISCO , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Propel is proud to declare that the Lead Acceleration Engine can efficiently tackle negative reviews. The widget has the option to present only positive reviews. It is a solution designed to tackle the problem of negative reviews, that can prove negative for a business in the long run.

It is more important than ever for a small and local business to manage customer reviews and feedback and Propel is available for businesses of all sizes. There are times when customers can have unreasonable demands with unreasonably high standards, this leads to them leaving negative reviews, impacting decisions of other prospective customers. As a business owner it is important to handle negative reviews with a correct response.

An abundance of effective measures are required to maintain a positive reputation and keep customers engaged. A business can impede and tackle negative reviews broadly in three ways. First, by giving quick responses as delay or complete ignorance will increase the damage. Second, by apologizing and looking into the cause of the customer’s frustration. This step will act as a clear sign of a business owning up to its mistakes. Third and lastly, by giving the customers a solution for the problem that they faced, a solution most probably will repair the damage done.

But if the business somehow fails to make the situation better, even after all the possible efforts. The business can opt to bail itself out of the spot and not show the negative review on the website. Propel presents itself as an opportunity to equip business owners with the power of deciding which reviews are to be shown and thereby helping them tackle the problem of negative reviews. With Propel, identification of areas that require improvement is easy and quick through its deep analytical assessments. The thorough analytics are crucial contributions in the development of informed future decisions and improvements of negative reviews.

The Lead Acceleration Engine – Propel – is also powered with other functionalities such as automated review collection, humanization of business through audio and video reviews, messaging and call tracking that makes it an all-in-one communication system for small businesses. A tip here is to improve the Google reviews of business and get reviews on Google to hold the power. Along with other main channels for information like Yelp and Facebook. Presence of reviews on these sites creates credibility about the brand and its offerings.

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