The book is all about the steaming chemistry between Langston, the boss, and her beautiful employee, Jaxson Fields, and the red-hot attraction between them.

HERCULES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2022 / — “Written by F. Anthony Davis, ‘Did You Ever Love Me’ is a sizzling story about Langston Ross and his partner, Eddie Deeds. While co-owning the most successful real estate company in Atlanta, Langston starts falling for his temp employee, who is a very beautiful woman. The sparks flew when the beautiful lady started falling for her tall, handsome, and sexy boss. This beautiful girl kept falling for Langston, and her emotions were firmly locked away. Until one day, when Langston shattered her heart. The quest of whether to stay with the man that keeps breaking her heart or take out the woman standing in her way kept increasing.”

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One of the comments below the summary reads, “The spiciness of the story is intriguing me a lot, and I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of the book!”
F. Anthony Davis has flamingly blended the drama, love, and romantic heat into this book and strives to take the readers through a steamy ride filled with intensity and frustration that keeps spiraling out of control.

“Ever since I’ve started writing, my interest has gone to all things that are erotic and romantic. Even my publishing company began by publishing romance, mystery, and suspense,” says F. Anthony Davis.

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About the Author:

F. Anthony Davis, the native of New Iberia, Louisiana, always had a dream to own one publishing company, and now he is the Chief Operating Officer and Publisher at Black Diamond Publishing, LLC. He currently resides in Northern California, where he pens down steamy romances that make the readers smile.

Felix Davis