Stop paying $100 – $200 / lead to lead aggregators for farmed out leads that are shared with 5 – 10 other contractors, and which don’t get you desired results.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 13, 2022 / — Are you among the contractors who’re paying thousands of dollars for leads that don’t really generate the kind of outcomes you expect? Well, you’re not alone. Contractors who have been placing their trust and more importantly, their hard-earned profits in the hands of well-known lead aggregators are slowly waking up to a disturbing fact. Farmed out leads are neither benefitting contracting businesses nor the homeowners they’re targeting. Read on to discover how you can grow your customer base without wasting your time and money on farmed out leads.

You’re paying extravagant amounts for leads that fizzle out.

Ever wonder why your calls to prospective homeowners either go unanswered or don’t get you the response you’re expecting? It’s because the lead aggregator you’re buying your leads from – by paying between $100 to $200 / lead, is also selling the same leads to anywhere between 3 to 10 other roofers. Which means, by the time you get around to contacting a prospect, he or she has already been contacted by several other roofers. And your opportunity has turned into someone else’s gain, even though you’ve paid more than a fair price for it.

1000s of homeowners looking for contractors don’t know about you.
As per a Google report in August 2022, there are thousands of homeowners across diverse cities, who’re seeking the services of qualified and reliable local roofers. With lead aggregators who direct shared leads your way at a heavy cost, you’re not even scratching the surface of the vast market of opportunities that’s available to you locally. Furthermore, these are homeowners who won’t mind paying a premium for high-quality roofing or other home improvement services but the sad part is, they are not aware of either your business or your website. Imagine your business performance and growth should you be able to tap into this market directly.

While you’re waiting for sales to grow, lead aggregators are raking in profits.

If you’ve been spending tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars
on lead generation every month, here’s what has actually been happening. A roofing lead costs a lead aggregator about $80 to $120, which they sell to you for anywhere between $120 to $150. Now, the sales of these leads are not restricted to you as you might think; the same leads are also sold to a minimum of 5 to 7 contractors for the same price that your business has shelled out. Basically, its selling one thing 7 times over, which results in profits ranging from 500% to 700% for the lead aggregator. All that gain while you end up gaining practically nothing or less to nothing.

So is there a fair and honest way to cost-effective leads? Yes.

What if we were to tell you, there is a way to generate high-quality
leads in a cost-effective way by using your own website and Google My Business profile. How cost-effective? Well, the strategy we’re recommending has already been tried and tested on contractors with similar profiles to yours, and has helped them generate 300+ leads / month while saving thousands of dollars in lead costs – which also means an additional profit of over 40% for these contractors! Interested? We’re SocioSquares – a 11+ year old digital marketing agency that believes in deep-diving into tough business problems faced by roofers and other contractors, and coming up with solutions that deliver results in a cost-effective way. Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to show you a time and cost saving alternative to farmed-out leads.

Get started with cost-effective, high-quality exclusive leads
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