“The Good Brothers” Network Mixer Returns October 14th at Roxanne’s in Long Beach   

By popular demand, this Friday, October 14th, 2022, the Good Brothers Network Mixer returns to Long Beach. Sponsored by 100 Black Men of Long Beach, Inc., the Good Brothers Network Mixer is an opportunity for high value Brothers and Sisters to fellowship, create new relationships, and reinforce old ones. Attendees include Black Excellence from elected office, CSULB, LBCC, LBUSD, DLBA, SCBCC and beyond!

The Good Brother Network events are unpredictable, “pop-ups” events. Each mixer has a limited schedule, with limited speeches and a strong emphasis on connecting, having fun, and creating lasting memories through engaging conversation. Anyone with an interest in any of the mentioned topics are encouraged to attend.

The Good Brothers was initially created by Long Beach thought leader, Carl Kemp, in the early 2000’s. He wanted to connect the good brothers he knew personally to other brothers he thought they should know.

“I often found myself in conversations with folks saying, ‘Hey, do you know so and so? He’s a good brother, y’all should meet,’ and it went from there,” states Mr. Kemp.

The creation of The Good Brothers Network has been a fantastic inspiration for uniting good people and cultivating lifelong memories. The next pop-up gathering will be held Friday, October 14th from 5 PM -9 PM at Roxanne’s Cocktail Lounge, located at 1115 E. Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA. Attendees will want to make this mixer, as nobody knows when the next one will be.