Social Change Activists Kristen Thomasino and Marie Lemelle to Empower Gen Z through the Social Good Movement Tour.

Kristen Thomasino, the CEO of Thomasino Media LLC, announced the launch of “The Social Good Movement Tour,” a joint venture with Marie Y. Lemelle, the founder and CEO of Platinum Star Public Relations.

Thomasino stated that “The Social Good Movement Tour” is the perfect outlet for Gen Z to channel their energy and find ways to engage with others to create positive outcomes. It was an easy decision to work with Marie based on her experience working with schools, juvenile system, and other creative projects to execute “The Social Good Movement Tour” together. This year-round tour is designed to connect with Gen Z and provide a real-life platform with people who are doing social good.”

Thomasino Media and Platinum Star Public Relations formed “The Social Good Movement Tour,”
designed for Gen Z to solve problems and to encourage social good.

“Imagine a world where Gen Z is not only aware of the global problems but is engaged in solving them,” said Lemelle, a longtime mentor, whose life’s work has been dedicated to social change. “The Social Good Movement Tour is to inspire Gen Z to create a positive change, first in their community and beyond. We plan to start the tour in our home base in Los Angeles County and then take it on the road.”

The two founders of the tour believes that by connecting young minds with Social Good Movement role models, they can ignite their passion, equip them with essential tools, and create a ripple effect of change that transcends generations. The tour aims to build a community passionate about making a positive impact and inspiring hope, resilience, and determination.

“Imagine a world where Gen Z is not only aware of the global problems but is engaged in solving them.”

Marie Y. Lemelle, MBA, a long-time mentor and social justice advocate.

The mission is to provide an immersive and transformative experience that sparks passion for addressing current events and connecting with the knowledge and skills to create meaningful change. The experience offers interactive workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and hands-on experiences that cultivate critical thinking, empathy, and leadership skills. “We are dedicated to inclusivity and diversity and welcome participants to explore and engage with various societal issues,” said Thomasino.

Learn more about the tour at or send an email to to book the tour for an event, volunteer services, be considered to be on our revolving panel and to become a sponsor.

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