The Coco Loco Tiger of the Mountain

This beautiful and adventurous tale instills the importance of helping others who cannot help themselves
by Richard and Diana Alvarez

YORBALINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 2, 2023 / — Children are naturally drawn to playful little stories, catchy plots, and interesting animal characters. “The Coco Loco Tiger of the Mountain” does just that! This story is all about the unlikely friendship of an endangered tiger cat (Señor Tiger) and a Macaw parrot (Perico). Both are bi-lingual and dwell in the beautiful rainforest of Costa Rica, but Señor Tiger is starving and Perico feels that he needs to do something about it.

Señor Tiger also has other challenges. Because of a disability that he was born with, other rainforest animals bully him by making fun of his inability to catch his meal. Perico, a bird, knows that tigers eat birds. Fear gripped his common sense of offering help to this young tiger in great need. Would it be worth taking the risk of his own life to help save another? He couldn’t help but feel compassion. Surely there was something he could do!

Ellie, an Amazon reader, shares her sentiments upon reading the book. “My favorite quote is when Perico tells Señor Tiger, ‘What other animals or birds say about you should not matter either. What matters is that you think that you are strong.’”

It is important to teach our young children the values of creating friendships, showing compassion with generosity. This story will not only teach this to children, but they will also have fun learning a few catchy phrases in Spanish. There are beautiful full-colored illustrations on every page and a song with musical notes. “The Coco Loco Tiger of the Mountain” has received high ratings.

“The Coco Loco Tiger of the Mountain” will warm your heart and tickle your tummy. It’s definitely a must-have for every children’s book corner! The book can be found on Inks & Bindings webpage, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other top online book retailers. Grab a copy now on digital book platforms both in paperback and hardcover.

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