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Better Exercise

Low Impact, In-Home, Soothing Warm Water Aquatic Therapy for a better life!

Swimming pools are too aggressive and spas are too passive. ThermaPool offers features of both with far greater benefits for at-home use.

One customer famously stated, “One hour a day in my therapy pools gets me through the day pain-free.””

— Customer

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA, USA, December 27, 2022 / — ThermaPool offers the deepest warm water for all your aquatic therapy needs. Almost all portable spas available today for residential use have a water depth of less than a few feet. ThermaPool offers up to 60” with their at-home therapy pool. Imagine almost five feet of warm water to do all kinds of wonderfully therapeutic exercises in the buoyancy of deep warm water. Every movement is done effortlessly, in comparison to dry-land activities. Walking or sitting down has tremendous benefits when performed in deep warm water.

Spas are an excellent source of hydrotherapy, but their passive style does not provide the same recovery and strengthening benefits as a deeper warm water ThermaPool. A ThermaPool can fit almost the same space and provides almost twice as much water depth. Designed for sitting, the water depth of a spa is typically only a few feet, providing virtually zero buoyancy benefit. Stretching is easier. Walking is easier. Moving is easier in the warm and soothing deep water of a ThermaPool.

There is also much more room to be active. Again the passive nature of a spa takes up so much space with all its various seat arrangements. A ThermaPool has nothing to interfere with a user’s exercises. Like a gym inside a cube of warm water, movements are easier and typically much more therapeutic. Submerging a body in deep warm water calms the nerves, joints, and body, which allows the whole body to relax. Virtually every move a user makes in a ThermaPool provides added benefit. But exercises often have a greater range because of the buoyancy benefit. ThermaPool users find themselves staying longer and working out more each day. One customer famously stated, “One hour a day in my therapy pools gets me through the day pain-free.”

Doctors, surgeons, and therapists have long marveled at the benefits of aqua-kinesiology concerning overall body wellness and recovery. But so many of their patients cannot achieve access to this “wonder-cure.” ThermaPool makes access easy and affordable.

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