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Advanced technology is empowering Walmart sellers to achieve success.

Maximize your profits on Walmart with WallySmarter – the comprehensive seller platform featuring 10 unique features for easy and efficient selling.

I am confident that our platform will revolutionize the way sellers do business on Walmart and I am honored to be leading this innovative company.”

— Lewis Civin, Founder of

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 10, 2023 / — For over a decade Walmart has been trading third-party goods online, but it wasn’t until WallySmarter came around in 2022 that the e-commerce industry realised just how much it has been missing.

Before this innovative platform surfaced, Walmart’s sellers were subjected to using Amazon-focused software which had little to no relevance to their digital selling endeavours. Since being founded, WallySmarter has essentially revolutionized how retailers can fine-tune their businesses and successfully achieve their long-term goals.

WallySmarter, being the exclusive platform for selling on Walmart, is poised for significant profit growth in the upcoming months. With its custom-made seller tools that are user-friendly and accessible for all, from beginners to experts, WallySmarter is a valuable resource for those looking to sell on Walmart. The platform offers a range of features tailored to make the selling process smoother and more efficient.

WallySmarter boasts over 10 unique features, all of which can be accessed within the same space, offering users a straightforward and pleasantly organized experience. As per the CEO, Mr. Lewis Civin “I am confident that our platform will revolutionize the way sellers do business on Walmart and I am honored to be leading this innovative company. I encourage all sellers to try out WallySmarter and experience the difference it can make for their business.”

WallySmarter provides a Product Database Analyzer with access to over 150 million products, updated regularly to assist sellers in finding the best opportunities. The advanced smart filters make it easy for sellers to customize their searches and streamline the research process. WallySmarter also offers a comprehensive solution for “Online Arbitrage“, allowing sellers to take advantage of market price discrepancies to purchase products for low prices and sell them for a profit on Walmart.

To make launching a new product a walk in the park, the Walmart Reverse Ranking tool does most of the hard work.

This brilliant feature shows exclusive insights into what keywords competitors are using to succeed, as well as pinpointing which keywords customers are searching for when purchasing a particular product. This works by helping retailers shortlist the best words to use when listing their items, in turn, optimizing their selling efforts.

Because of this platform’s exceptional design, and original features, WallySmarter has rapidly risen to the top after running for less than a year. There is no doubt that this notably intelligent software will continue to thrive, and see significant growth in 2023.

With Walmart’s e-market bigger than ever, now is an excellent time to join WallySmarter’s Affiliate Program and begin reaping the benefits of this software’s ongoing success. Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission and monitor their returns in real-time via the system dashboard. Become an affiliate today, and start earning with WallySmarter!

About WallySmarter
After several years of extensive planning and perfecting, WallySmarter was introduced to e-market sellers in 2022, thanks to Carbon6 and their professional team of developers.

The main purpose of WallySmarter, in the words of Mr.Civin, is to “empower Walmart’s third-party retailers, by offering them valuable and complex data in a straightforward way”.

With various exclusive digital tools centered around Walmart’s online marketplace, WallySmarter has transformed the industry for the better, helping sellers hone their sales strategies and facilitate their own success.

To ensure reliability and accuracy, WallySmarter’s 12 million keywords and 110+ million Walmart products are updated frequently, ensuring a high-quality product that provides the most useful data within the market.

For independent Walmart-based retailer, discover WallySmarter today and enjoy a 7-day free subscription.

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