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Brownie mixes fall short of Bertha Mae Brownie’s delectable flavor.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2023 / — Wendy Pomerantz, the top baking expert, says brownie mixes cannot replace the rich flavor found in Bertha Mae’s Brownies. Brownie mixes, which are made of processed ingredients, are a cookie-cutter substitute for Bertha Mae’s Brownies’ exquisite taste, Pomerantz adds. Pomerantz says she prefers to stick to her original recipe when picking a brownie for herself, even if she doesn’t discourage people from trying mass-market, boxed brownie mixes.

“While I have never made brownies from a box, having grown up with Bertha Mae’s recipe, I understand that there are some very good options,” says Pomerantz.

Despite having a seemingly simple nature, brownie mixes involve highly developed physics, chemistry, and biological technologies, according to Market Watch. The price of food and its production has continuously climbed since the start of COVID-19 and the war in Europe. According to Market Watch, during the forecast period, which runs from 2023 to 2028, the global brownie mix market is expected to grow significantly. The market is likely to increase over the anticipated period in 2021 because major companies are adopting strategies at an increasing rate. Pomerantz claims that while rising food prices may push some people to look for less expensive versions of high-quality brownies, nothing can match the irresistible flavor her brownies have.

“While I don’t know the specifics on why the war in Europe has caused a revision in estimates for boxed brownie mixes, I do know it has certainly had an impact on flour prices. I suppose it could be assumed that given the increase in supply costs, the ability to make brownies out of a box for less cost is appealing, but I can confidently say there is not a box brand that would stand up against Bertha Mae’s,” exclaims Pomerantz.

Besides the taste, there are other differences and drawbacks to eating packaged brownie mixes. Since processed foods can be high in calories, they have been associated with overeating and weight gain, says According to the website, people following a highly processed meal plan gained more weight on average and ate faster, too. Pomerantz says the path to brownie delight a person chooses hangs on how much an individual cherishes their favorite brownie, and hers have stood the test of time, she adds.

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