Where is the Justice?: Second Edition

Take this journey with William Hills as he grapples for what was taken from him in pursuit of justice

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Life is like dancing in a field of landmines to a choreography that seems too impossible but somehow gets done. It is filled with obstacles and hurdles that feels like the world is pouring all its problems into one vessel, but what is life without the struggles? These struggles allow individuals to develop character and virtues that help shape individual willpower and aim to help promote success.

Where is the Justice? Second Edition by William Hill tackles one of life’s greatest gift “success”, it narrates his rise to wealth from a family of simple potato farmers. It details his transition from working in his family’s potato farm and his rise to being a real estate tycoon. Talking about events from the author’s childhood and how he played by the river and his journey being drafted by the U.S Army to serve his country – and his experiences that opened his eyes to seek and dream bigger. And describes his battles with the forces who envied and took all he worked hard to build.

William Hill pens a work of art that gives readers the ability to tear away the veil of time and allow readers to peek into the past and experience his life through his careful and skillful attention to detail. A work that truly inspires those with a dream to fight and conquer.

Learn about the life of William Hill as he claws for financial freedom and battles those who dares take his dreams away in his book Where is the Justice? Second Edition.

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