A picture of a podcast recording studio like the one Yida Gao recorded in.

A picture of a podcast recording studio.

Yida Gao, the founder of Shima Capital, recently sat down for an interview with Liquid-Web3 Crypto Investing to discuss investing in bear markets.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yida Gao, the founder of Shima Capital, recently sat down for an interview with Liquid-Web3 Crypto Investing to discuss investing in bear markets.

As a founder of his venture capital firm right in the middle of a crypto bear market, Yida has been forced to adapt his approach to achieving success.

The 43-minute episode provides a lot of insight into how a bear market isn’t as bad as it’s perceived. While it’s never enjoyable to see the value go down, it opens up investment opportunities for those who are informed enough to take advantage.

Yida Gao’s entire approach with his venture capital firm is to find early-stage companies needing financial backing and general support.

It starts with having a solid backer list, and Yida immediately prioritized that. Raising over $2 million early on, he brought in the likes of Dragonfly Capital, Tiger Global, and Bill Ackman as investors.

Now, the focus is on making suitable investments. Since the goal is to only work with companies early on, there’s less pressure for the bear market to turn around.

It’s more about believing in the long-term success of crypto and Web3 companies. He knows the only way to see success is to be laser-focused on getting things right.

During the interview, Yida provides a ton of insight into what life is like researching, investing, and supporting new and innovative companies in a growing field.

There is a lot of potential to grow in this industry, which is one of the reasons why he was so attracted to it in the first place.

Getting investors on board is not always the easiest, especially if they are unfamiliar with crypto and Web3 companies. Finding a way to market the future to investors is crucial to raising capital.

There’s also a chance to learn about what got Yida Gao to this part of his life in the first place. Starting in college, he became interested in investing in cryptocurrency. He graduated from MIT with a degree in mathematics and computer science.

He then moved to the West Coast to begin his graduate program at Stanford before dropping out to invest in cryptocurrency in 2017. With years of experience in cryptocurrency investing, getting insight from someone who’s lived and breathed in the industry can provide a unique perspective that’s not always easy to find.

This podcast is the latest for Yida, as he’s had the opportunity to share his story and talk about the industry in the last few months.

As Shima Capital continues to grow, these opportunities will become more and more frequent. Many within the industry are impressed with how fast Shima Capital has become a significant venture capital player.

About Yida Gao
Yida Gao is the founder and managing general partner of his venture capital firm, Shima Capital. Coming from a career in investing and finance, he spent time with the M&A Group at Morgan Stanley and New Enterprise Associates. In 2020, he was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list among venture capitalists.

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