EZ Pools are used for more than just swimming. Our extremely durable & versatile design has been used to help the environment, reduce waste & improve products.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — EZ Pools, purchased through www.4ezpool.com, have participated in some of the most exciting industrial testing programs imaginable for a portable pool in the past twenty years. “Because we use extremely durable poly-reinforced material,” explains Simon LeCree, Sales Manager for EZ Pool Products Inc. “Many industrial corporations have found our EZ Pools easier and more economical to do their testing in.”

In early 2005 Solix BioFuels was trying to isolate the use of algae as a petroleum alternative. The challenge was identifying which algae species was best suited for which petroleum alternative – at present, there are over 35,000 algae organisms listed with the National Institute of Health (NIH). Not all of them are good for plastic formation, face makeup, consumption, etc. Receiving a grant from the US Government, Solix developed a quick process to germinate, grow, harvest, and test small batches of each algae type – using a long and narrow custom EZ Lap Pool. An apparatus installed over an EZ Pool, like a conveyor belt, carried transparent spheres along the surface of warm pool water. Over the length of the pool, these spheres would travel partially submerged and partially exposed to light. By the end of the slow journey, the clear orbs are removed for testing, and a new one will replace them. The process was so successful they had farms of EZ Lap Pools to develop the testing process.

In 2006, EZ Pool Products was contacted by a sonar developing company (SDC) to make an underwater EZ Pool. That’s right; using an EZ Pool underwater. But instead of containing water, the SDC developed a unique adjustable frame, and we provided an EZ Pool to hold sand. In a very controlled underwater setting, SDC would lower or raise the pool to adjust the sand levels to fine-tune the precision of their sonar mechanism to detect the minute changes in the height and depth of the sand.

In 2009, EZ Pools was contacted by the Arizona Fish and Game department. They purchased three identical EZ Lap Pools that were set up side-by-side in a climate-controlled greenhouse. Each pool started with the same amount of water and fish. The pools were subjected to minute traces of pollution to see the impact on the fishing population. One pool would be untouched; the middle pool was adjusted minimally, while the last was subjected to harsher pollution. The testing helped the government isolate the levels of irreversible pollutant damage to the water-based life ecosystem. This research saved countless water-based species that would have otherwise diminished or died off completely.

In 2017, EZ Pools was contacted by a mining company focused on improving underwater mining techniques to dramatically reduce seepage and leakage associated with many ocean mining operations. Their specific needs were a narrow and shallow pool over eighty feet long. The existing frame design of an EZ Pool would not work in this arrangement, so EZ Pool Products developed a unique frame to fulfill this development. The company’s ability to effectively test its mining tubes in this pool led to dramatic results and improvements in international ocean-based mining.

In 2018, EZ Pool Products was contacted for a unique testing program. The US Navy wanted to know at what depth a submarine’s antenna could be to effectively receive incoming signals while also being deep enough to avoid impact from the EMP signal of a nuclear blast. The idea was that if there were a nuclear detonation, the US military would still be in contact with its submarines stationed around the globe. The challenge is creating an EMP signal over a deep enough pool. As part of tests the military conducts, New Mexico has a suspended EMP generator on the White Sands Missile Range. EZ Pools had to develop a portable pool underneath this EMP generator that was deep enough for the proper tests. “The pool was equipped with the necessary salt generators to mimic saline levels across the oceanic globe.” Indicated LeCree. “The idea being, they could adjust the levels of saline to match the various areas of the ocean which affect the effectiveness of the receiving signal and minimize the EMP impact.” The result was an improvement for the US Military to pinpoint the exact depth for each part of the ocean a US submarine would be in.

EZ Pool Products makes more than just pools. We have been instrumental in improving the environment and safety around the world.

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