The Strength of the Nation

Luisa Plancher pens a book that leads the world in religious freedom.

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 11, 2022 / — Author Luisa Plancher’s heart is filled with gratitude, and she wishes to contribute to making the United States of America a better and stronger nation. She wrote her most recent book, “The Strength of the Nation” to promote the idea that the turmoil of foolish people qualifies for God’s plan because He wants the people to lead a dedicated nation to Him with the help of Jesus, who cleanses everyone. The author has created a religious fantasy of an ideal America that leads the world in religious freedom. The book is divided into 33 episodes which depict visits from the Angel of the Lord to the author.

Author Luisa Mirella Plancher grew up in Italy after World War II. She witnessed how American citizens helped her country return to normalcy by providing various programs to assist those in need. One of these programs involved sending teenagers to boarding school to earn their degrees. That is where she obtained her degree in education and went on to become an elementary school teacher in Italy, in addition to being a proud, productive member of her society. Plancher was also featured on the top cover for Authorial Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 1, Brave New Voices of Self Publishing, promoting her book on how to make a nation great.

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