Dragon plushies, Mia on the left, and Long on the right

Children’s book author Helen H. Wu’s upcoming book “Long Goes to Dragon School” could spawn the next Beanie Baby craze.

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yeehoo Press is an independent book publisher headquartered in San Diego, California. Author and illustrator, Helen H Wu is its publisher. Wu is the author of children’s stories and in February of 2023, will be the scheduled release of her children’s picture book “Long Goes to Dragon School.”

Long Goes to Dragon School is the story of Long, an Eastern Dragon at a Western dragon school. On the first day of school, students are asked to cook their food with their fire breath. But Eastern dragons are water spirits and breathe water, not fire. Will Long be found out? Or will Long find his own unique path to cooking and to fitting in?

The story whose themes are based around empathy, kindness and compassion, will be accompanied by Dragon toy plushies. “Long and Friends” are a series of dragon plushie toys based on the dragon characters found in the children’s picture book Long Goes to Dragon School. The initial release of the dragon plushies will be the Eastern dragon Long and the Western dragon Mia.

Long the Rain Dragon is a water dragon with rain powers and unbridled creativity. He is ready for any quest and carries on with perseverance and an eagerness to find his own path.

Mia the Sakura Dragon is a heartwarming dragon and can bring calmness wherever she goes. Whether she stays at home or tags along on a trip, her cuddles are there to keep you warm, calm and comforted.

Pledges for the production of these two dragon plushies can be made on the website Kickstarter, “Long and Friends, Cute Dragon Plushies and Enamel Pins by Yeehoo Press.” Yeehoo Press has set aside limited rewards for certain pledge levels. These limited pledge rewards begin as low as $5 to as high as $280. The $280 level provides: 1 hr Zoom Meeting of Author Visit or Critique or Ask Me Anything; 2× Dragon Enamel Pin; 2× Dragon Plushie; 2× Autographed Hardcover Picture Book; and Custom Sewing of Text on Plushies.

Many of the lower limited pledge rewards have been met and are no longer available. However, financial pledges without reward incentives are always welcomed.

Helen H. Wu is a children’s book author and illustrator of over 20 picture books, as well as a translator, graphic designer, and publisher. She was born and raised in Hefei, China, and came to the United States in her 20s to go to college. This gave her the unique insights in espousing the ideas and concepts conveyed in Long Goes to Dragon School. These are themes of empathy, kindness and compassion.

Besides being an author, her graphic designs are available as interior designs. Long Goes to Dragon School is Wu’s first book that will have merchandise attached to its release.

To learn more about Wu and Yeehoo Press’s Kickstarter, “Long and Friends, Cute Dragon Plushies and Enamel Pins; and Wu’s 2023 children’s picture book release of Long Goes to Dragon School, be sure to check out Anna D. Smith’s Fine Art and Real Estate Blog, or the audio versions on Soundcloud or YouTube.

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