, name your own price and get matched with the best cosmetic procedures providers

Anita Sabeti, M.D.

Name your own price and get matched with best Cosmetic procedures Providers


Name Your Own Price and get matched with the best Cosmetic procedures Providers

Most of us hate wearing glasses and want Lasik. Chances are our health insurance won’t cover it. As a matter of fact, health insurance sucks up.

Luck favors the prepared mind”

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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES, December 3, 2022 / — A Los Angeles Physician Revolutionizes the Medical Industry with Her New Priceline-esque Service

Many of us always hated wearing glasses and want Lasik. Chances are the health insurance won’t cover it. As a matter of fact, the health insurance that sucks up a big part of our paycheck won’t cover a lot of things, from infertility treatments to plastic surgery. But just because the health insurance won’t cover it, doesn’t mean there’s not a qualified doctor willing to perform the procedure for a reasonable price.

A Los Angeles Physician Dr. Anita Sabeti, came up with the idea of matching patients with the right doctor for the right price. Her company, MagnaDoctors is a lot like Priceline, but for medical services. Here’s how it works: Patients log in to the free service website. They select the procedure they want and place a bid.

MagnaDoctors instantly connects them with a qualified provider willing to do the service for that price. MagnaDoctors’s board screens and handpicks the best providers so patients can rest assured that they will be connected with an experienced medical professional for whatever service they need. Now just because the medical insurance company says no, patients can still find the care they want and need. With MagnaDoctors finding the best medical care at the lowest price is as easy as booking the next vacation.

Why Patients Love MagnaDoctors!

Patients Set the Price – Patients name the price they afford, not their insurer!

Magnbid Does the Legwork – Patients are matched with a qualified medical professional to perform the procedure on the Patient’s budget.
MagnaDoctors is Free – Patients don’t pay a penny to use the service. Doctors do.
Many Procedures are Available – From breast augmentation to dental services, MagnaDoctors helps patients connect with providers available to perform a number of varied services.

About MagnaDoctors: Dr. Anita Sabeti saw a gaping hole in the healthcare marketplace, one that left patients wondering where to turn when their insurers turned them down for necessary procedures and for elective ones too. So, she came up with the idea for MagnaDoctors to help patients access affordable high-quality services and help physicians lower their marketing and operational costs. Sabeti teamed up with tech experts.

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Interview With Sr. Anita Sabeti And Ben Mansouri