Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation Training

Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation Training

Bountiful Harvests with GrowPods

Bountiful Harvests with GrowPods

The plant can be finicky, so managing a multitude of elements is paramount to successful harvests, reduced costs, and increased profits

Advanced Container Technologies (OTCMKTS:ACTX)

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 7, 2023/ — Advanced Container Technologies, Inc. (Ticker: ACTX), announced it is offering another set of its popular training seminars to help both newcomers and seasoned farmers achieve unprecedented success using Controlled Environment Farms, including its own advanced series of GrowPods.

Controlled Environment Farms are ideal for cultivating cannabis and hemp as they can easily be modified and customized to meet individual needs, including strain-specific lighting, temperature, humidity, and irrigation. Furthermore, the size and weathertight nature of GrowPods makes them a popular option for cannabis and hemp operations, by providing a secure and controlled space to cultivate high-quality crops that can be located virtually anywhere.

While the past year has been challenging for many growers, GrowPods can help farmers succeed by mitigating risk and increasing output. GrowPods’ controlled environment can protect the crop from contamination, cross-pollination, pollution, and pests. And with every aspect of the growth cycle under the precise control, it is now possible to maximize harvests to levels previously unseen.

Many growers utilize several GrowPods in various configurations, with designated secure areas for germination, seedling, vegetative, flowering, drying, trimming, and curing stages.

The fact is, cannabis can be finicky, so managing the elements is paramount to successful growth. GrowPods can be an ideal way to start growing, as well as a beneficial addition to existing operations.

The GrowPod Grower’s School features hands-on training and education. Participants will learn how to grow cannabis/hemp from seeds, clones and transplants. Instructors, who are leading growers, will provide insight into all aspects of cultivation, including watering, climate, nutrients, curing, as well as safety and productivity.

GrowPods are designed from the ground up for cannabis and hemp, and offer either automated pre-programmed grow plans or manually adjustable operation for specific cultivars to deliver bountiful harvests with consistent cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

GrowPods are designed and manufactured in America, and are crafted to the highest standards.

To find out why some of the most respected growers in the industry are now switching to GrowPods, or for more information on the GrowPod Grower’s School, call ACTX at: (951) 381-2555 or visit:

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