We recently caught up with Actor, Writer Adam Mendoza and came to find out that making a name in Entertainment means wearing a few hats and holding a mic or two

“I’m really thankful to have people in my life that support and encourage me in my chosen line of work as I know it’s not for everyone”.”

— Adam Mendoza

HOLLYWOOD , CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES , December 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Adam Mendoza was recently cast and played a major role in the upcoming, sexy action film “Born 2 Hustle” where Mendoza stars as Sergio Montoya (a disgraced underworld criminal) and said that hustling is something he is no stranger to! From a humble beginning in North East Los Angeles to starting in television as a background actor in late 2014 to now almost a decade in the business he is writing and producing feature films. Mendoza is also recording music as “Adam Of Los Angeles” with his song “Own Ride” currently being featured in the soundtrack for the movie “Social Disturbance”(2021)

“Some people laugh when you tell them you are pursuing a career in entertainment because it’s considered off the beaten path so to speak” One person who isn’t laughing, is Adam’s wife, the lovely Ana Vergara (if you know you know) “She not only motivates me to be better she makes me better!” said Adam of his Celebrity wife when asked about those that have helped guide his career. Mendoza, goes on to mention Gregg Sharp, a successful producer with a slate of projects coming out in 2023 as another large influence. “In meeting Gregg, I instantly knew that he possessed the business intangibles that others often miss. When I think about my relationship with Gregg, it’s his Integrity, ethics and a strong sense of fairness that makes him stand out, he’s also a very creative guy that can develop scenes and concepts quickly. He’s got vision and when it comes to the focus on success, I’ve never met anyone like him before” Mendoza said of Sharp.

Sharp recently Produced the upcoming film Born 2 Hustle with partnering support through his company G2F LLC – G2F Film and Television Studios, which is set to air World Series of Armwrestling Season 1 Lock and Loaded, the new Docuseries “Tell Me I am the Greatest” and is in Pre – Production for 3 new projects set to film in the Spring of 2023.

Adam is also writing for the new horror/thriller project “Trapped” with Sharp and is very excited to take on the project and hopes to come into his own as a writer as well as an actor. “it doesn’t take both to be great at one, but it sure can help!” When we asked him where he sees himself as an Entertainment professional in the next year his answer was clear “I believe 2023 will be a true breakout year for everyone on the team, the dream has become real at this point, we all wanted to make stories come to life and so here we are, now it’s all about which stories we choose to tell and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

I am sure we will be seeing more from Adam Mendoza on the big screen and that’s what can happen when you stay in the game.

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Adam Mendoza as a Bad Man