Wheeling Police Department

Norfolk Police Department

Three-wheel, Electric Vehicle Improves Police Mobility and Community Relations

The Positron has helped us to engage with the public in a positive way. We’re able to talk with people more easily, and it’s really helped to break down barriers between the police and the community.”

— Sergeant Mitchel Ashton, Norfolk PD, VA

BUELLTON, CA, USA, March 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Law enforcement agencies across the United States are increasingly turning to the Trikke Positron as a new tool for enhancing community policing efforts. The Positron is an eco-friendly and agile stand-up vehicle that has become popular among law enforcement agencies as a cost-effective alternative to traditional patrol vehicles.

Some of the police departments that have adopted the Trikke Positron for their patrols include Norfolk PD, BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit) PD, Atlanta PD, Miami Shores PD, and many more. By using the Trikke Positron, police officers can quickly navigate through crowds, tight spaces, and other challenging environments, making it easier for them to respond to emergency situations and maintain public safety.

“The Positron has proven to be a valuable addition to our law enforcement toolkit,” said Lt. Saunders from Wheeling Police Department, West Virginia. “The device has improved our mobility and allows us to move through crowds and narrow spaces with ease, which has been critical in maintaining public order during large events.”

As police departments continue to adopt innovative mobility solutions like the Trikke Positron, it is clear that these devices have the potential to enhance law enforcement operations and improve community relations in a variety of ways. With its speed, agility, and versatility, the Trikke Positron is quickly becoming a valuable asset for law enforcement agencies across the country.

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