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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2023 / — Using an easy and simple 4-step process, the company has established itself as a leading provider of accurate and efficient order fulfillment service for ecommerce businesses.

Alpacka, a family-owned third-party logistics company, now offers a fulfillment service to ecommerce businesses, with a success rate higher than industry standard. Since its inception, the company has used its fulfillment business to serve companies of all sizes and types, providing highly effective and agile customer-driven solutions. With no stockholders or private investors to report to, Alpacka’s ownership has allowed them an incredible level of flexibility and quick decision making.

Using an easy 4 step process, backed by state-of-the-art equipment, Alpacka’s fulfillment service has a success rate of 99.8% which is higher than the industry standard of 97%. Alpacka receives orders from their client companies either into our warehouse management system, which integrates with their customer’s shopping cart (via Shopify) or through a CSV file. The company then picks the products off the shelves with the help of scanners to ensure the right sku/item is chosen. It then brings the product to the pack station and prepares the package with care per the required specifications. Finally, it ships the packages to their client’s customers via the appropriate carrier (DHL, USPS, UPS, FedEx, TL, LTL).

With well-equipped facilities, Alpacka can handle every aspect of product distribution, making it one of the most efficient and accurate pick up pack and ship service providers in the industry. The company expertises in handling client products with utmost attention to detail, and packing and shipping them to their destinations for the ultimate customer experience.

Alpacka manages the logistics of clients with modern software and technology. Using all the advantages of a big warehouse with the added benefit of personalized attention, the company provides business the ability to have complete access to their project from inbounding products, storage, production (kitting / assembly), quality control, pick and pack and reverse logistics (returns processing), to tracking progress every step of the way.

Speaking about the reason behind their success, the company’s CEO said, “We have a dedicated staff who take ownership of everything they do, ensuring total quality control and presenting a final product they’d be proud to call their own. We understand that any company’s most valuable assets are its customers. We are mindful of this every day. Which is why we pack every product with the endgame in mind – the impression it will make on your customer when the package arrives. Our mission is to help our clients make money by providing a service they can fully rely on. From the moment products arrive at our warehouse until it leaves our facility, we handle the entire process of packaging and fulfillment.”

About Alpacka: Alpacka is a family-owned third party logistics operation. Over the course of 5 years, they’ve grown their fulfillment business to provide companies of all sizes and types with accurate, efficient and customer-driven solutions.

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