AlphaConverge's B2B Marketing ROI Measurement Solution: AI-driven Omnichannel Account-Based Attribution

AlphaConverge’s AI-driven Account-based Omnichannel Attribution Solution

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In its fourth consecutive year, this award programme covers a fine selection of businesses exceeding all expectations, and setting the bar high for generations to come.”

— Corporate Vision Magazine

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2023 / — AlphaConverge has been named the “Best Big Data & AI Management Consulting Firm – USA” by Corporate Vision Magazine in its 2022 Artificial Intelligence Awards. With a focused worldwide circulation of over 82,000 business leaders and experts, every year Corporate Vision searches for the best and recognizes them for doing truly great things within their field. “In its fourth consecutive year, this award programme covers a fine selection of businesses exceeding all expectations, and setting the bar high for generations to come,” wrote Corporate Vision Magazine.

This certainly wasn’t the first time that AlphaConverge has been recognized in this field. AlphaConverge was selected as a top consulting firm in big data, machine learning, data integration, and business intelligence by Futurology Life, Data Magazine, and Startup Pill in the past. AlphaConverge was also named the ‘Most Innovative Data Integration Start-up – USA” by Wealth & Finance International Magazine as a winner of its 2022 Management Consulting Awards, and a “Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Analytics Services in 2023” by Tech times…

“80% to 90% of an enterprise’s data is actually unstructured, like customer reviews, live chats, movie synopses, product descriptions, search keywords, page names in clickstream data, social media posts, or security-camera footage,” said Daisy Chen, CDO at AlphaConverge. “By fusing big data with AI, huge untapped value can be unlocked.” This award recognized AlphaConverge’s deep expertise in big data and using the most advanced algorithms including deep learning to unleash the power of these unstructured and semi-structured information. “Take the entertainment industry, for example. You want to deliver the right narratives about the right movies to the right audiences where they are most likely to see them at the right time,” explained Daisy Chen. “So, using richer data to create more personalized experiences can maximize movie revenues.” AlphaConverge distinguished itself in this category by constantly innovating its solutions across all industries to solve different complex business problems such as AI-driven personalization, AI-powered customer journey mapping, customer intent and next best action prediction, AI-powered customer lifetime value prediction, AI-driven goal setting, and AI-driven omnichannel attribution.

Whether personalizing marketing experiences or measuring return of marketing investment (ROMI) and integrated marketing synergy, the key is often the capability to stitch online and offline behavior data together or have a 360-degree view of each potential or existing customer. Companies may be used to working with offline data, but the reality is that most of the times customers get to know you online, even in the business-to-business (B2B) industry. However, most major web browsers are set to block the use of third-party cookies soon while currently 82% of digital ads use tracking cookies. AlphaConverge brings extensive experience to implement a customized cross-channel & cross-device ID stitching solution swiftly for clients using different technologies that will work in the cookieless world as well, and help clients prepare for future changes to seize competitive advantage. AlphaConverge not only is an expert of different web analytics, customer data platform (CDP), data management platform (DMP), identity graph solutions and digital marketing tools, but also works with their raw data which often require big data skills to mine and analyze. AlphaConverge can also incorporate semi-structured or unstructured data and tie them to an individual user ID to generate actionable insights or also activate them in real time.

AlphaConverge is a consulting firm deeply committed to helping mid-sized to Fortune 1000 B2B and B2C organizations with data-driven decision-making. AlphaConverge was featured in many top publications for its leading capabilities in digital and analytics and recognized as the best consulting firm in many areas such as digital analytics, marketing analytics, big data, data integration, machine learning, business intelligence, and visualization. AlphaConverge’s network of partners, including Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, AWS, extends its capabilities to meet client need and accelerate change. Learn more at

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