Sharpe, shot by Bradford Rogne Photography, has signed on for two US projects.

The acclaimed Australian actor will start filming in the US, in the coming months.

Anthony is a rare breed…the projects’ producers are ecstatic to have one of Australia’s top actors join their slate”

— Sharpe’s representatives

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 1, 2023 / — Critically acclaimed Australian actor Anthony J Sharpe, twice nominated for the Equity Ensemble Awards for his work in ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’, has signed on to two highly-anticipated projects filming in the US.

Sharpe, also known for his recent turns opposite fellow stars like Kate McKinnon on Peacock’s ‘Joe Vs Carole’ and Travis Fimmel in ‘Black Snow’, will start filming stateside after production wraps on Aussie crime drama ‘Human Error’ with Stephen Peacocke.

Aussies continue to be a favorite casting choice amongst American producers, reflected in not only the current award season but also recent casting announcements at AFM and other film markets.

Exact plot details for Sharpe’s future projects remain under wraps, but information presented to editors should proffer confidence for the independent film market in the midst of what is otherwise a slow LA production season.

In the first project, Sharpe will play what is described as a “former gun slinging preacher”

The logline, per producers: “When a hardened criminal dies after twenty years in prison, his son Jacob decides to take revenge on the man responsible: a corrupt lawman in the remote town where the father once lived. But when Jacob arrives, he finds the old Sheriff is long gone and a new man is running things. A series of mysterious fires have seen tensions between the townsfolk and the Native Americans on the rise, and the reappearance of a dangerous outlaw has put everyone on edge. As the town moves closer to anarchy, Jacob must decide if taking revenge against the new Sheriff will provide him with the justice he seeks.”

Sharpe’s other feature project comes from acclaimed filmmakers, which will, per Sharpe’s representatives, make use of Sharpe’s range and intensity.

Sharpe’s representatives shared the following statement. “Anthony is a rare breed: capable of presenting characters which are both salt-of-the-earth, yet profoundly vulnerable, the projects’ producers are ecstatic to have one of Australia’s top actors join their slate.”

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