AOHi Empowers Individual Lifestyles with Custom Charging Capabilities up to 260 cm

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 / — AOHi has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its Custom Length Fast Charging Type-C Cable Kit. The cable set is designed with a bit of play in length, allowing users to fast charge their devices from the most remote power outlet. The product aims to offer a customizable way for you so that you can enjoy much more fun and convenience while charging your devices.

Phones, laptops, and other devices are essential components of daily life. People rely on them to stay connected and productive in unique ways – but charging them can be a huge challenge. AOHi understands that every person is different, which is why they’ve created a truly customizable charging experience. Users can mix and match up to four different cable lengths to create the exact length charge they need, even when an outlet may be hard or impossible to reach. This incredible flexibility allows for a tailored adventure that meets personal charging needs – no matter how far away the outlet is. AOHi empowers each person’s own individual lifestyle needs with its innovative, customizable charging capabilities – up to 260cm of distance.

A spokesperson for AOHi said, “Charging your device should never get in the way of using it. With our new fast-charging USB cable set, you’ll have all the length you need to stay connected without compromising charging speed.”

AOHi is the answer for anyone who needs a reliable and flexible charging solution. With an extended range of 10cm~260cm (4 inch~102 inch) compatibility, AOHi can offer a customized charging experience to suit any device or circumstance. With its connection capabilities, AOHi makes it easy for people to charge their phones comfortably and plug into distant outlets to power up laptops. Whether it’s from the backseat of the car, the comfort of lying on the couch, or the backpack pocket on the move, the possibilities are endless with AOHi’s innovative charging solutions!

The latest fast-charging technology will revolutionize how people use their devices. AOHi cables deliver power up to 240W in support of PD3.1 protocol and give you 4X faster charging speeds than ordinary cables for your favorite devices. This sets a new benchmark for powering devices quickly and conveniently. No more searching around the house frantically trying to find a charger or ever having to sacrifice speed again.

AOHi is MFI certified. The super compatible PD3.1 Custom Length Fast Charging USB Cable Set makes it easy to stay connected with all digital devices. With one cable, users can charge and sync any device that has a Lightning or USB-C connection. That includes Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Airpods, plus an extensive list of other models. It’s the perfect solution for anyone needing quick access to their digital home. No more searching through drawers full of cords; now, you only need one cable to get the job done!

AOHi is bulit to last. The material of AOHi cable is premium Kevlar braid. Thanks to its stretchy coiled design, it is sturdy enough to stand up to frequent pulls without breaking. Its connectors are made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, making it sturdy and durable as well. Best of all, the quick glance charging status indicator lets you know if your device is on trickle, standard, or rapid charging.

AOHi is an innovative charging and storage enterprise founded in 2004. The team has 18 years of experience in producing and developing charging and storage equipment and has a full-link product production system of design, R&D, production, testing and sales. The company adheres to the brand concept of “To Charge, To Explore.”

“We always believe that technology makes life better, so we never stop the pursuit of high-performance charging equipment exploration footsteps. Multiple cutting-edge technologies have been launched, providing consumers with the ultimate charging experience. This better connects science and technology with life, making technology more interesting while highlighting the charm of creation,” said a spokesperson for the company.

For more information, visit or support the Kickstarter campaign.