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Now there’s something YOU can do to help improve elections!

Action on Issues Important to Youth Will Advance Because of Improvements in Election Integrity and Representativeness of Government.

Trust must be earned, and the American people are now in the position to see whether it has been earned.”

— Daniel Wolf

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Trust in our elections is at an all-time low, and many young people think their votes don’t matter. But ACTUAL VOTE––a new nonpartisan election audit app––gives them solid reason to believe that their vote will count – if they can be sure that elections are kept accurate.

Young people are deeply concerned about our democracy and its ability to address the crises of our time, but think there is nothing concrete they can do other than protest. But now there is: the America Counts election audit system. ACTUAL VOTE – an app that uses crowdsourced people power to ensure that precinct results counted at polling places are accurately reported – is the first step.

Now ready for nationwide use, ACTUAL VOTE shows with hard data where results are reported accurately and where reporting is in error and needs fixing. ACTUAL VOTE has already been proven in four elections and is now ready to scale to the entire USA.

“At a time of crises of confidence in American government it is important to provide citizens the ability to independently verify the vote count in their polling places” says Daniel Wolf, director of the America Counts election audit system, an initiative of Democracy Counts.
Users video-record the results tapes from counting machines at polling places using ACTUAL Vote on their smart phones. These videos upload to a public read-only database and then are compared to official results. Use of ACTUAL VOTE will improve trust in elections when audit results show no discrepancies. But when discrepancies are discovered, the evidence can be used to compel election officials to make corrections.

“Trust must be earned”, adds Wolf, “and the American people are now in the position to see whether it has been earned.”

Democracy Counts, Inc., is a San Diego-based nonprofit tech startup that develops election audit software that empowers Americans to conduct rigorous audit checks on their local election machinery. Young people are most comfortable with the new tech but anyone can use it.

“Conducting legitimate election audits in today’s hyper-polarized political environment is a real challenge” says Wolf. “Sloppy and partisan attempts don’t add to the trustworthiness of elections. Instead they damage the reputability of honest audits and auditors. So they must be nonpartisan and adhere to the highest standards of impartiality and rigor so as to produce court-quality evidence that, on the one hand, can lead to corrections in faulty elections, and on the other, demonstrate the trustworthiness of accurate elections.”

Learn more about the America Counts election audit system and what you can do to help to improve our elections this November 8th.
Visit www.AmericaCounts.us.

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