RANCHO CORDOVA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The exciting alliance between workforce development powerhouse, Apprentice Now, and IT talent cultivators, Cyber Proud, is set to energize the City of Rancho Cordova with the launch of a transformative Pre-Apprenticeship Program. This initiative will equip 14 local individuals with comprehensive training in cybersecurity and infrastructure support, paving the way for promising career trajectories.

This 320-hour immersive pre-apprenticeship training program will hone in on cybersecurity and infrastructure support, offering participants the chance to earn respected CompTIA certification and providing access to crucial job placement services upon completion. Cyber Proud will leverage its established relationships with local employers to ensure graduates have a smooth transition into the workforce within the region.

The collaboration with Cyber Proud allows Apprentice Now to provide job seekers with a viable career pathway that promises a steady income, coveted industry certifications, invaluable on-the-job mentoring, and the chance for career advancement. In return, employers gain a workforce boasting specialized skills, increased productivity, and improved employee retention rates. Both organizations are united in their belief that the Pre-Apprenticeship Program will prove instrumental in addressing the regional demand for skilled and diverse workers.

“Apprentice Now’s dedication to delivering top-tier workforce development services to Cyber Proud and the City of Rancho Cordova is unwavering. I am confident that this program will significantly bolster the region’s capacity to satisfy the demand for skilled labor and enhance local job seekers’ employment prospects,” shared Kyle Farnsworth, President of Apprentice Now. “Our partnership with Cyber Proud is a testament to our commitment to forge meaningful relationships with organizations that align with our vision of a brighter, more inclusive future.”

Apprentice Now extends an invitation to businesses in Rancho Cordova and beyond to consider forming a partnership with them, either by hiring program graduates or establishing their apprenticeships.

For further information on the Cyber Proud Cybersecurity Pre-Apprenticeship Program or to discover more about partnership opportunities, please visit http://www.cyberproud.org/. For more details on Apprentice Now’s innovative training and apprenticeships, please visit http://www.apprenticenow.com/.

About Apprentice Now:
Apprentice Now is an ambitious workforce development organization committed to offering high-quality training and education to prepare individuals for burgeoning careers in high-growth industries. By meeting the needs of job seekers and businesses alike, our programs cultivate a skilled and diverse workforce that fuels economic growth.

About Cyber Proud:
As a Sacramento-based 501c3 nonprofit, Cyber Proud is devoted to answering the call for IT and cyber talent by nurturing the cyber workforce of the future. With a focus on serving under-represented communities, we are transforming lives and fostering the creation of an integrated ecosystem led by industry professionals, in collaboration with community and educational leaders.

Sarah Fischer
SCI Acquisition Co., Inc.