best fat tire electric bikes

best fat tire electric bikes

Magicycle fat tire electric cruiser

Magicycle fat tire electric cruiser

fat tire cruiser pro

fat tire cruiser pro

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 / — In 2022, we saw a great number of innovative fat tire electric bikes. There is no doubt that the surge in popularity of fat electric bikes has been growing no matter it is 2022 or 2023. As more and more people are paying attention to buying a fat tire electric bike instead of paying rising gas bills or riding traditional bikes, it is quite necessary for them to know if it is worth purchasing fat tire electric bikes.

Fat tire electric bikes basics

Generally, fat tire electric bikes are ebikes equipped with wider and bigger tires. Except for the tires, they are no different from regular electric bikes. All of them come with one motor and battery.

Most electric bike fat tires are 4’’, but some of them are 4.8’’ or more. We know that electric bike tire pressure is measured by PSI, which is pounds per square. Compared to conventional narrow tires, fat tires can be inflated to a wider range of PSI. A wider range of PSI enables riders to adapt to different kinds of terrain by changing the PSI of fat tires depending on their needs.

Fat tire electric bikes are a big category and they come in a lot of sizes and styles, including step-thru fat tire electric bikes, folding fat tire electric bikes, step-over fat tire electric bikes, etc. Also, there are electric mountain bikes and full-suspension electric bikes which are equipped with fat tires as well.

Are fat tire electric bikes worth it?

Yes, fat tire electric bikes are absolutely worth it. As mentioned above, there are so many ebike models coming with fat tires. It is not difficult to see fat tires are widely applied in the ebike industry. Below are several reasons why fat tire electric bikes are widely available.

1. Lift restrictions from rough terrains

There is a huge disadvantage of ebikes with narrow tires, which is that riders can’t ride them on bumpy roads. Compared to fat tires, narrow tires are more likely to be flat when riders are riding through rocks and bumps. That is the main reason why many people would rather take their ebikes for city commuting only.

With fat tires, there are fewer, even no restrictions for riders. Basically, the weight of electric fat tires can guarantee stable riders. As fat tires are wider and have more contact on the ground, they provide more traction and grip for riders, ensuring their safety greatly. Riders could just choose whatever routes they want. To ride off-road, they could invest in electric mountain bikes for sale, which always come with fat tires.

2. Fat tire electric bikes provide more comfort

There is a wider range of PSI for electric bike fat tires. That means they don’t need to be inflated to a specific PSI. Riders have more options when it comes to tire inflation. If they want to have more comfort while riding off-road on a fat tire electric bike, they can just inflate the tires to a relatively lower PSI to make them softer.

There are fat tire full-suspension electric bikes available on the market. This kind of ebikes comes with full-suspension systems, absorbing shocks and bumps effectively. With the combination of both fat tires and a full-suspension system, riders can get the maximum comfort from a full-suspension electric bike.

3. Fat tire electric bikes are easy to use for beginners

Generally, fat tire electric bikes are far better choices for ebike beginners, and the reasons are simple. First, fat tire electric bikes give you smoother control as most of them are non-slip. The strong grip on the ground makes sure riders run freely on any terrain. Second, fat tire electric bikes can make ebike rides more stable and steady. This is going to give riders a stronger sense of security.

What are the best fat tire electric bikes?

As we said above, fat tire electric bikes come in different sizes and styles. The best fat tire electric bikes should meet the following standards. First, the fat tires should be puncture-resistant and non-slip. Even though they are features of most fat tires, some fat tires don’t necessarily have them, so please keep this in mind. Second, it is better for a fat tire electric bike to be equipped with a powerful motor. Fat tire electric bikes tend to be heavier, so a powerful motor is needed to keep them running at an acceptable speed. Third, a larger battery is better.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro meets these standards perfectly. It has a 750W powerful motor, which enables the Ocelot Pro to reach a maximum speed of 28mph. Its 52V 20Ah battery offers a range between 60 – 80 miles. Most importantly, the tires on it are perfectly non-slip and puncture-resistant. For more information, please check out the link below:

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