Outdoor Art exhibition with Paired Immersive Cocktails

Art, Cocktails, Music, NFTs in Hollywood Hills

The Canadian creative art and cocktail brand, Cocktail Connoisseur, have just landed in the city of angels with their debut event.

We believe in creating an experience not just a drink or a show. Join us and experience how art can transform your life, one cocktail at a time”

— Kam Tabarraee, CEO

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Canadian creative art and cocktail brand, Cocktail Connoisseur, has just landed in the city of angels with their debut event, Open Air Gallery, in scenic Hollywood Hills on Sunday October 16th, 2022, 4PM and 8PM. For the first time in Los Angeles, Cocktail Connoisseur brings you their famous immersive cocktail experience as part of an outdoor Art, NFT and Augmented Reality Gallery with the unbeatable views of Hollywood.

Los Angeles, CA, October 16th, 2022:

To celebrate the pre-launch of California’s first ever NFT-labelled bottled cocktails in Los Angeles, this fall, the Canadian creative cocktail brand, Cocktail Connoisseur in collaboration with LA-based music producer, visual artist and NFT creator, Vakseen, invite you to join their outdoor art and cocktail wonderland. Open Air Gallery is an immersive intimate outdoor Art, NFT and Augmented Reality Exhibition, held monthly, at unique scenic venues across Los Angeles. Chapter One will be hosted at 2420 Hercules Dr. in Hollywood Hills on Sunday, October 16th, 2022, starting at 4PM and ending at 8PM.

In this unique experience, the artistic inspiration of Vakseen’s Vanity Pop collection is paired with four molecular cocktails curated exclusively by the master mixologists of Cocktail Connoisseur (Jean Laven and Kam Tabarraee). The guests are encouraged to enjoy the cocktails as they experience the physical and digital exhibition of art including the demonstration of an Augmented Reality experience with the art of Vancouver-based creative designer, Kiarash TK. The last but not least fitting element of the experience is the crafted musical journey guided by two of rising stars in Vancouver’s music scene, Acuario and Quarantunes.

Featured Artists: Vakseen, Kiarash TK
Music: Acuario and Quarantunes
Hosted: by Cocktail Connoisseur

Cocktail Connoisseur is North America’s leading experimental Ghost Bar and their bespoke, craft ready-to-drink cocktails will be soon available in retail markets across the nations.


COCKTAIL CONNOISSEUR has been star leaders in bespoke art-inspired experiences in the West coast of Canada. They curate elevated cocktail experiences that tastefully combine various forms of art and entertainment like you’ve never seen before; much like Vancouver’s iconic NFT Art Gala parties hosted in partnership with Canadian creative designer, KiarashTK or the world’s first ever smart cocktail vending machine deployed for the first time in Vancouver, Canada in October 2022. Their all-natural ready-to-drink craft cocktails are one of a kind, vegan, gluten-free and soon available all across Southern California in select retail stores and online.

More information can be found on Instagram @drinkwithcocktailconnoisseur and at https://volatileproject.com/.

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